This article focuses on the interactions between Cody and Duncan.

Overview Edit

Duncan and Cody have a mutual dislike for each other, as Cody hates Duncan because of his and Gwen's relationship. Duncan hates Cody for hitting on Gwen. Duncan and Cody's hatred for each other grows even more when Cody forms an alliance with José and Heather to have Ezekiel eliminated. Duncan starts abusing Cody beyond the point to where Cody actually quits the competition.

Total Drama Island Edit

Scott + Fang = Scang? Edit

At the challenge, Cody is seen hitting on Gwen, in which Duncan gives Cody a wedgie, and says that he looks better with Underwear on his head. In which Cody was yelling out in pain that he was only complimenting Gwen. Both Cody and Duncan were participating in the challenge, and before the wave hit Cody's Surfboard, Duncan flips him over, causing Cody to fall into the water. Cody gets mad at Duncan, and just gets back on.

I Guess That's Why They Call Me Whiskers! Edit

At the challenge Cody see's Duncan with Chris' cat, and tells his team mates to get him.

Total Drama Action Edit

Total Drama World Tour Edit

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