This article focuses on the interactions between Dawn and Vin.


Dawn and Vin didn't interact with each other often before Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. In fact, they didn't interact much at all in the first few episodes on Revenge of the Island either due to them being on opposing teams. Vin states in Blow 'Em Sky High that he always loved Dawn. Dawn is later eliminated in Chef's Mutant Dinner Hunt, but soon returns in Jeepers, It's a Creeper when Vin greets her lovingly. This time however, Dawn is placed onto the same team as Vin. They both have a crush on each other, but they don't know about the other's feelings towards them. Dawn becomes more open to showing her feelings towards Vin and they eventually both reveal their feelings for each other, becoming a couple in Blow 'Em Sky High. Their relationship is strained and temporally ended after Vin wins the challenge in The Treasure of the Sierra... or is it Chris's?, and is able to choose who to eliminate. Vin chooses Scott, unknowing that he has an immunity idol. Scott then chooses to eliminate Dawn. Dawn blames Vin for her elimination, and breaks up with him. Dawn's elimination and their break-up causes Vin to go into a temporary insanity in Let's Kill Cody, which leads to him being disqualified from the competition. However, in The Virulent Finale: Malevolent vs. Devious, they are placed on Mal's team as his helpers, and they reconcile after Vin saves her from possible death. Vin and Dawn stay as a couple going into Season 5.

Total Drama: Revenge of the IslandEdit

In the beginning Dawn and Vin didn't interact with each other as much as Dawn was eliminated early in the fifth episode. However, it is hinted that Vin always had a crush on Dawn and soon falls in love with her at some point before Dawn does too. This is not revealed until the episode Dawn is eliminated again though, as when Dawn asks Vin if he loves her, Vin replies "I always loved you".

Their relationship soon starts in the episode, Jeepers, It's a Creeper when Dawn returns and Vin immediately greets her lovingly, happy that she is back. Dawn then holds his hand, making both of them blush without either of them knowing their attraction for each other. Therefore, Dawn enjoys being with Vin, as they are now in the same team, while Vin is also happy that Dawn is with him, so during the challenge they now try to compete together while helping each other. In the next few episodes, since they both think their relationship is one-sided, Vin and Dawn continue to compete with each other, but never reveal their feelings, so they only stay as friends, even though they continue to like each other. Also, when Vin gets sad, Dawn is also there with him, so soon they start to show their affection for each other, but a full relationship never starts as long as they keep their true feelings secret. When, Vin gets hurt though, Dawn gets mad at Chris, and then everyone asks that why does she care, when no one else cares about Vin. This makes Vin like Dawn more, as she is the only girl who treats him like a real human being.

Finally, it is not until the episode Blow 'Em Sky High when the relationship starts. Dawn first starts to see hints that Vin does indeed like her back, and by knowing that, she soon tries to make Vin reveal his true feelings for her. Having Vin won the last challenge, Dawn then goes ahead and congratulates Vin, making him very happy. Dawn then asks Vin that if he can win again, but this time for her. Vin, now possibly already in love with Dawn, agrees and wonders why Dawn asked him that, but ignores logic and just goes with it. Meanwhile, Dawn continues to care for Vin by treating him nicely and when Dawn gets hurt by Lightning, Vin also gets worried for her. Once the challenge starts, Dawn is the first to go. However, due to her conflict with Lightning, Vin then gets beat up by him and Dawn gets distracted. Vin then beats up Lightning instead, making Dawn complete the challenge. Dawn and Vin then go against Lightning, and Dawn tells Vin that if he wins, then Lightning needs to go. Vin then goes up next and performs in the challenge with Dawn cheering. As soon as Vin wins, Dawn then gets really happy and tells Vin that she loves him. Vin then gets shocked, and since Lightning calls him Dawn's boyfriend, Dawn gets shocked too. Dawn then thanks Vin for keeping his promise, and now they they are happy for each other, they finally share their first kiss. Dawn immediately gets super happy and finally confirms that Vin does like her back.

However, this doesn't yet start off the relationship, as Vin thinks that Dawn saying that she loves him was just his imagination and that he only heard that because he was so happy, and also that he only kissed Dawn because Lightning and Chef made them do it. Therefore, Vin continues to deny that Dawn likes him back, while Dawn wonders why Vin doesn't get with her yet, so she tries to do what she can to make Vin say that he loves her back. It is not until Vin wins once again in the next challenge that Dawn gets happy and kisses Vin accidentally, finally making Vin realize that Dawn does have feelings for him, so Vin kisses back, this time for real. Dawn then asks that they need to reveal their secrets so she tells Vin that she likes him so much, finally making Vin say that yes, he loves Dawn and always had, therefore officially starting off the relationship. Dawn then gets shocked that Vin loved her all this time, and soon regrets not revealing her feelings for him earlier and wonders all the time they could of been together if she would of been brave and not embarrassed. Vin then reveals that the only reason why he also didn't express his true feelings for Dawn was because he thought everyone would make fun of him, that he likes the lamest girl in the camp, despite him being the guy who anyone cares less about.

This relationship doesn't last for long though, as even though Vin won again, this time he didn't get to choose Dawn safe, and instead got to choose who gets to go home. Dawn instantly told Vin to vote for Scott, since she hated him, so Vin goes ahead and does that. That single vote however, backlashes and soon ruins everything, as Scott was deemed safe thanks to an immunity idol, meaning that it was now Scott who got to choose who to be eliminated, and unfortunately for Vin, Dawn was chosen, making Vin sad and Dawn really mad, having her run and swim away in horror. In the episode, Let's Kill Cody, Vin goes into a major depression, saying that the only person that cared for him is gone, and soon goes crazy, beating up Cody while singing "Singin' in the Rain" and then beats up Chris as revenge for letting Dawn go. Chris then disqualifies Vin, and Vin is hurled on the Hurl of Shame by Chef. It is not until the third aftermath, where Vin and Dawn see each other again, but in there Dawn starts complaining, blaming Vin for her elimination in the interviews, when it was actually Scott's fault. Vin tries to tell her that it was not his fault as it was Scott's, but Dawn doesn't believe him, let alone forgive Vin, and continues to blame him by constantly stating that he betrayed her. During the Final 2 reward challenge, Vin and Dawn are paired up again on Team Mal. Dawn is not happy about this but Vin goes with it anyway. Vin scores some points, but Dawn does not care, so they end up losing.

In The Virulent Finale: Malevolent vs. Devious, Dawn and Vin are chosen to compete together again, this time as helpers for Mal. Dawn is first not happy about this, but soon she realizes that it was never really Vin's fault, and was in fact Scott's fault for why she was eliminated. Dawn finally apologizes to Vin for not trusting him and asks him for them to work together so they can take down Scott once in for all. Vin, though still mad at Dawn for blaming him for her elimination, agrees and both of them then compete together by helping Mal throughout the challenge. All of a sudden, a giant mutant eagle attacks Dawn and causes her to fall into a canyon filled with lava. She is able to hang on to the edge, and calls Vin for help. Vin, still loving Dawn, throws the egg to Mal and runs over and saves her. They soon kiss. Dawn apologizes again for what happened and they finally reunite together as a couple. Vin and Dawn then happily fly over the canyon on the giant eagle along with Mal. Ezekiel and Cody however throw rocks at the eagle, knocking it out. Ezekiel tackles Dawn and Cody tackles Vin, leaving Mal to win the challenge by himself. Dawn eventually breaks out, so she tampers with Scott's jetpack and launches it towards Scott and Mal, causing their eggs to blow up. Scott and Mal are both blown past the finish line, with Mal winning by grabbing onto Scott's egg 0.001 seconds before crossing. Dawn and Vin cheer in excitement as Scott was finally eliminated. Vin then tells Dawn, "don't ever leave me again", which Dawn promises to never do so. The couple soon kiss many times while they cheer along with the others. Cody tries to hook up with Dawn, but Vin pushes him down. After Chris is arrested, Kevin the Intern injures Vin to appease Chris, but Dawn beats him up to protect him.

Total Drama: All-StarsEdit

Dawn and Vin both return in Total Drama: All-Stars, and are placed on the same team, the Do-Gooding Dolphins. However, due to the Scott and Dawn rivalry, Scott tampers with the votes in the first elimination as revenge which causes Dawn to be the first eliminated. This instantly forces Dawn to break her promise she made to Vin last season, making the couple very sad for their second break-up. However in the next episode, instead of Vin grieving his loss or becoming crazy again, he begs Chris to bring Dawn back to the season. Chris agrees and brings Dawn back but only as an intern. Now that Dawn is back, she and Vin reunite but over the new few episodes, Vin and Dawn barely interact with each other due to them being too busy with their daily routines. As Vin tries to sabotage his team, Dawn is too busy plotting her payback to Scott for eliminating her so early. Only Vin is successful with his evil plans though, but at the cost of losing Dawn. In Saving Private Snakeball, as Vin has just performed another one of his plans to take down Brick, Dawn decides to take the Yacht of Failure with him, as she prefers to participate in the first aftermath of the season rather than stay as an intern. In that aftermath, she mentions how her elimination was unfair, and denies all the rumors that her boyfriend is turning evil. This makes everyone question why Dawn still loves him, but in the end Dawn decides to quit the show and soon departs abruptly to never be seen again.