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12:25 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Last time on Total Drama World Tour!
  • Chris : We went to Royal London!
  • Chris : And some very special friends dropped in!
  • Chris : Team Pythagoras was all captured before the challenge even started!
  • Chris : How sad!
  • Chris : Anyway, Team Xtreme and Team rehtaeH had to go through London and find clues without being caught by Jack the Ripper!
  • Chris : Little did they know there were not one, but FOUR Jacks!
  • Chris : In the end, Noah and Alejandro finally won a challenge for their team!
  • Chris : I mean! It only took what like 8 episodes for Team rehtaeH to actually win a challenge!
  • Chris : Anyway, Jo, Lightning, and Sierra all debuted!
  • Chris : And that's about it!
  • Chris : See what happens next, on TOTAL!
  • Chris : DRAMA!
  • Chris : WORLD TOUR!

12:30 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey *Conf* Im glad to see Courtney gone, she was getting too bossy anyway!

12:31 Feminiall

  • Sierra *hugging Cody's head*

12:31 Chwiis

  • Cody Urgh!

12:32 Chwiis

  • Cody *conf* Sierra has been cuddling me all night! ALL NIGHT! At one point I think she started licking me!
  • Heather Ha! Cody it looks like you finally got the girlfriend you always wanted!

12:33 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *laughs*

12:33 Chwiis

  • Cody *conf* ALWAYS be careful what you wish for! ALWAYS!

12:34 Chwiis

  • Lightning Boom! Sha-Lightning is here to stay!
  • Lightning So whose sha-team am I on anyway?

12:34 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Welcome to the team! You're officially our muscle!

12:34 ThatAwsomeGuy24

  • Justin : Hey! I could be the muscle too!

12:34 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey Team Pythagoras, and welcome to the team Lightning

12:34 Chwiis

  • Lightning You have to be joking with me!
  • Lightning Seriously, what's my real team?

12:35 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Um, we're right here, GOSH!

12:35 RiMiEg007

  • Brick : Welcome to the team Soldier!

12:35 Chwiis

  • Lightning *conf* Argh! No one puts the Lightning on team nerd! Chris should make Lightning his own team... Team Lightning!
  • Lightning *looks at Harold and Cam* Woah, you need protein stat!

12:36 Ethan Oka

  • Harold As long as it's not red meat. My doctor said I can't eat too much or I get bloated!

12:37 Chwiis

  • Lightning Dude, that's just wrong
  • Lightning Lightning can't live without his meat!!!

12:37 ThatAwsomeGuy24

  • Justin : *laughs*

12:37 Chwiis

  • Lightning What are you laughing at?

12:37 ThatAwsomeGuy24

  • Justin : *laughs* You must not have heard yourself!

12:38 Chwiis

  • Lightning Yeah I did! I said "Lightning can't live without his meat!!!"

12:38 ThatAwsomeGuy24

  • Justin : *laughs* OH MY GOD *laughs so hard he falls out of his seat*

12:38 Chwiis

  • Lightning *conf* That Justin guy is very strange! All I said was "Lightning can't live without his meat!!!"

12:38 ThatAwsomeGuy24

  • Justin : Harold, you are just missing out! Red meat is like, the BEST thing ever! Besides being incredibly good lookin'!

12:38 Chwiis

  • Lightning Harold! Cameron! Can you even do a sha-pushup?

12:39 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Of course. *does a push-up* See?

12:40 Chwiis

  • Lightning Give me 20

12:40 Jakerz69

  • Cameron : *does 20 push-ups, and passes out*

12:40 Chwiis

  • Lightning *facepalm*
  • Lightning Dang! You fools are just a hindrance to Lightning. Why can't I be a team of 1!

12:41 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey Well, at least Cameron and Garold have brains.

12:41 RiMiEg007

  • Brick : Garold?

12:42 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey I meant Harold

12:42 RiMiEg007

  • Brick : Ok then!

12:42 Feminiall

  • Sierra That's what the merge is for. *hums*

12:43 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Say what?

12:45 Feminiall

  • Sierra Have you ever seen a season of TD before!?

12:45 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : I've been in 2 seasons of this show!

12:50 Feminiall

  • Sierra Right, then you should know. Now, go away tall, dark stranger.

12:51 RiMiEg007

  • José : *Conf* There is something seriously wrong with that chica!

12:53 Chwiis

  • Cody *hiding from Sierra*
  • Cody *conf* Sh-sh-sh-sh-she's crazy! *shudders*

12:56 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *over the loudspeaker* EVERYONE TO THE CARGO BAY! *laughs*

12:57 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Oh dear God!

12:57 RiMiEg007


12:57 Chwiis

  • Lightning Yo Sha-Chris!

12:57 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : You! Sha-Shut Up!

12:57 Chwiis

  • Lightning Can you put Lightning on a team of 1?

12:57 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : No Lightning!

12:58 Feminiall

  • Sierra *looks down and is cuddling as pillow* Cody? CODY!

12:58 Chwiis

  • Cody GAH! *runs and hides behind Duncan*

12:58 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *looks at Cody* Whatchya doin' there Dorko?

12:59 Chwiis

  • Cody Shhhhhhhhh

12:59 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : What?

12:59 Chwiis

  • Cody *whispering* She'll hear

1:00 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Who? Sierra?

1:00 Chwiis

  • Cody *whisper shouting* SHUT UP

1:00 RiMiEg007


1:00 Chwiis

  • Cody No! *runs but trips*

1:01 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *holds down Cody* Sierra! Cody wants a nice long kiss!

1:01 Ethan Oka

  • Jo *laughs*

1:01 Feminiall

  • Sierra *turns and makes side eyes at Duncan* Where is he?

1:01 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : RIGHT HERE!

1:02 Chwiis

  • Cody Mmmmph!
  • Cody *muffled screams*

1:04 Feminiall

  • Sierra *squeals* CODY!

1:04 Chwiis

  • Cody GAHH!

1:04 Feminiall

  • Sierra *tackles Cody, hugging his head tightly*
  • Sierra Found you!
  • Sierra *kisses Cody all over his face*

1:04 Chwiis


1:05 Chwiis

  • Heather Argh! Now we're stuck with these two lovebirds on our team!
  • Lightning Yo Chris! What's Lightning's first challenge?

1:10 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : You'll find out, but first... *pulls lever*

1:10 Chwiis

  • Lightning Sha-WHAT!

1:11 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Glad to see you landed well!

1:11 Chwiis

  • Lightning Now that's what I'm sha-talking about!

1:13 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Anyway! Guess where we are?

1:15 Chwiis

  • Lightning Lightning don't care! Lightning just wants his million!

1:16 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Anyway! We're in JAPAN!

1:16 Feminiall

  • Sierra OH! ooh! Are we in Egypt? Ooh, or maybe Texas.

1:16 Chwiis

  • Lightning Sha-where?

1:17 Ethan Oka

  • Harold J-J-JAPAN?!

1:17 Chwiis

  • Geoff *singing*

1:18 Feminiall

  • Sierra *daydreaming* Cody as a samurai.

1:19 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : SIERRA!

1:19 Chwiis

  • Heather *waves hand over Sierra's face*

1:19 Chwiis

  • Heather Earth to freak show! Wake up!

1:19 Feminiall

  • Sierra Huh?
  • Sierra *snaps out of the daydream* What?

1:20 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Thank You Heather!

1:21 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Focus on the challenge! Or else you'll get voted off, and NO MORE CODY!

1:21 Chwiis


1:21 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : And we all know Cody wants you to stay!

1:22 Feminiall

  • Sierra Of course, Chris. *nods, paying attention*

1:22 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Hey Sierra! I think Cody wants another kiss!

1:22 Chwiis

  • Cody Seriously! Stop guys! I can't take anymore kisses from Sierra!

1:23 Feminiall

  • Sierra Awww! Someone needs a cheer-up kiss!

1:23 Chwiis

  • Cody Uh... maybe... later!

1:23 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Time to get to the challenge!
  • Chris : Who likes Sushi?

1:24 AssyrianAsylum

  • Bridgette : LOVE IT!

1:24 Chwiis

  • Lightning Su-what?

1:24 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *facepalms*

1:24 Feminiall

  • Sierra *focusing intently on Chris*
  • Sierra OH, me!

1:25 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Sushi is pretty awesome!

1:25 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Ooh, did you know there's a proper order to eat sushi in?

1:25 Jakerz69

  • Trent : No, did no know that Harold!

1:25 Chwiis

  • Lightning Sushi has protein in it right?

1:26 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : I think so!
  • Chris : I know it has a high amount of Mercury in it!
  • Chris : Causing many people to get Mercury poisoning!

1:26 Ethan Oka

  • Harold It has fish, so it has both protein and brain enhancing properties.
  • Harold And only salmon tuna has that much Mercury!

1:26 Chwiis

  • Heather WHAT!
  • Heather I refused to be poisoned by some crappy fish

1:28 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Don't worry Heather! You will not be eating any Sushi! You'll be making Sushi!
  • Lightning Sha-cool! Lightning's in!

1:28 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Sweet! I'll be head Chef!
  • Jo Well I'm in, Poison or not, a win's a win.

1:28 Chwiis

  • Lightning Oh... Lightning doesn't cook! Lightning sha-eats!

1:28 AssyrianAsylum

  • Bridgette : I am an expert at making sushi! This'll be a piece of cake... or fish!

1:29 Chwiis

  • Geoff I'm quite the chef myself!

1:29 Chwiis

  • Geoff Sweet babe!

1:29 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Lightning! If you're team loses, something tells me they're gonna want to send you home!

1:30 Chwiis

  • Lightning No one will wanna send Lightning home! I'm the team's strongest player!

1:30 Feminiall

  • Sierra That reminds me of this one time when- *stops talking* I can cook pretty decently!

1:30 Chwiis

  • Heather *looks at Sierra in awe*
  • Heather *Conf* There is something seriously wrong with that girl!
  • Geoff Anyone in the mood for some Japanese sausages?

1:32 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : NO GEOFF!
  • Zeke : You are not going anywhere near that fish!
  • Chris : Oh, by the way, EVERYONE ON THE TEAM MUST MAKE A SUSHI! Or else that team will automatically lose!

1:32 Chwiis

  • Geoff Sweet!

1:33 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *facepalms*

1:35 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Yes! Head chef hear I come!

1:34 Chwiis

  • Heather Making sushi? Seems easy enough!

1:36 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Oh does it?
  • Chris : Well, now that Heather said it's easy! You must make the Sushi the traditional way! Which only Harold seems to know!

1:37 Chwiis

  • Heather Wow Chris you tool

1:37 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : You can all thank Heather now!

1:37 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *annoyed* Thanks Heather!

1:37 Chwiis

  • Cody Great job Heather

1:38 Feminiall

  • Sierra Way to go, Heather.

1:39 Chwiis

  • Heather God! Can we just start the challenge already?

1:40 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Harold, you may tell the people how to make the Sushi correctly, or you can keep it to yourself and your teammates! What will you choose?

1:41 Ethan Oka

  • Harold I choose... to help my team! Let's go!

1:41 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Nice Harold!

1:42 AssyrianAsylum

  • Bridgette : *Conf* Luckily I also know how to make Sushi the traditional way!

1:42 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *conf* It would've been nice to have shared my knowledge of Sushi, but I'm sure José would probably change it, and Geoff would make a Sushi sausage!

1:43 Chwiis

  • Heather *conf* I know my great grandmother was Japanese or something, so... maybe sushi making is in my blood?

1:45 Feminiall

  • Sierra Since there's no way to get it perfect without Harold's help we'll have to guess. Cody, do you have any ideas? *flutters eyelashes*

1:45 Chwiis

  • Cody Ummm.. put the rice in the seaweed and roll it up?
  • Geoff Guys, we can just chuck it all in the microwave and it'll be fine!

1:46 Feminiall

  • Sierra Eee! You two are so brilliant!

1:47 AssyrianAsylum

  • Bridgette : *gets crab, cucumber, avocado, rice, and seaweed and makes a California Roll*

1:48 Chwiis

  • Geoff Bridge settle down! Keep it simple!

1:48 AssyrianAsylum

  • Bridgette : California Rolls are simple!

1:48 Chwiis

  • Geoff Don't question the head chef!

1:49 AssyrianAsylum

  • Bridgette : Excuse me?

1:50 Chwiis

  • Geoff Bridge! I said put it in the microwave!

1:48 Chwiis

  • Lightning *pours the rice on the fish*
  • Lightning SHA-DONE!

1:49 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Lightning! Wrong way!

1:49 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *Conf* Oh my God! These kids are so dumb! It's so hilarious! Geoff is making me laugh so hard!

1:49 Chwiis

  • Lightning Now when can we eat?

1:49 Ethan Oka

  • Harold GOSH!Ethan Oka
  • Harold Brick, you make sure Lightning doesn't interfere!

1:50 RiMiEg007

  • Brick : On it!
  • Brick : *pins Lightning down*

1:50 Chwiis

  • Lightning *slaps Brick with fish*

1:51 RiMiEg007

  • Brick : Ow!
  • Brick : *bursts into tears*

1:51 Chwiis

  • Lightning Sha-crybaby!

1:51 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Lightning! if you wanna help *hands wooden spoon* Hold this and don't move.

1:52 Chwiis

  • Lightning And what's Lightning supposed to do with this?

1:53 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Hold it!

1:53 Chwiis

  • Lightning *hits Harold* You aint the sha-boss of Lightning!
  • Lightning You there! *points at B*

1:54 Jakerz69

  • B : *nods*

1:54 Chwiis

  • Lightning Help Lightning role this fish up!
  • Lightning The sooner we've finished the sooner Lightning can eat!

1:55 Jakerz69

  • B : *takes the fish away from Lightning and make a tuna roll*

1:55 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Okay, so first we boil the rice!

1:55 Chwiis

  • Lightning Hey! What do you sha think you are doing!

1:56 Jakerz69

  • B : *ignores Lightning*

1:56 Chwiis

  • Lightning Speak fool!

1:56 Ethan Oka

  • Harold B, not yet!

1:57 Jakerz69

  • B : *whacks Lightning in the kiwis with a fish*

1:57 Chwiis

  • Lightning SH-OW!
  • Lightning *conf* Nobody hits SHA-Lightning in the shom-lom-doobilies! That is in direct violation of the bro code! That fool's gonna SHA-pay!

1:58 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Gosh! Cameron and Zoey I can count on you right? So, I guess it's up to us.

1:59 Jakerz69

  • Cameron : Yup! Count on us!

1:59 Chwiis

  • Heather Well I've made a few roles... what do you think?

2:00 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *looks at Team rehtaeH's Sushi rolls* Wow! They're made correctly!

2:00 Chwiis

  • Heather Wow I didn't expec- I mean of course they are!

2:00 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Nice work!
  • Bridgette : We've made a few rolls too!

2:03 Chwiis

  • Geoff They aren't as good as if they would be if you just put them in the microwave!

2:03 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *looks at Team Xtreme's Sushi rolls* Some of these a great, but you realize that one of these has sausage in it!

2:03 AssyrianAsylum

  • Bridgette : GEOFF!
  • Bridgette : Seriously?

2:03 Chwiis

  • Geoff It's a Japanese recipe!
  • Geoff Chill!

2:03 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : You probably costed us the challenge!

2:04 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Well, they were technically made the traditional way! But again, SAUSAGE is not Japanese!

2:05 Chwiis

  • Geoff *sighs* some people just don't appreciate fine dining!

2:05 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *facepalms*

2:05 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *wearing a kimono* We made edomae sushi!

2:05 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *looks at Team Pythagoras's Sushi rolls* Where is your sushi?

2:07 Ethan Oka

  • Harold WHAT?! LIGHTNING!

2:07 Chwiis

  • Lightning *still chewing the Sushi* What?
  • Lightning My bad
  • Lightning What! Lightning needs his fuel!
  • Lightning *sees one on the floor*

2:08 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *sees it too*
  • Harold grabs it*

2:08 Chwiis

  • Lightning See! I sha-saved some!

2:08 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Eww! No! Well, Team Xtreme would have lost this but, since Team Pythagoras has absolutely no sushi! Team Pythagoras loses!

2:08 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Wait! no!

2:09 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Team rehtaeH wins! Again!

2:09 Chwiis

  • Heather Yesss!

2:09 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Si!

2:09 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *conf* well, we know who's going home.

2:10 Chwiis

  • Lightning *conf* This loss could have been avoided if Lightning was a team of 1!

2:11 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Anyway! Team Pythag! Back to the elimination room for you!

2:13 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Welcome back Team Pythag!
  • Chris : Time to vote someone out!
  • Chris : You all know what to do! Go vote!

2:13 Chwiis

  • Lightning Argh! SHA-Lightning hates losing!

2:19 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : The following are safe!
  • Chris : Harold!
  • Chris : Cameron!
  • Chris : Zoey!
  • Chris : Brick!
  • Chris : Justin!
  • Chris : Lightning and B! You are LOW!
  • Chris : Lightning! Lightning! Lightning! The votes were unanimous! Well, except your vote for B!

2:20 Chwiis

  • Lightning SHA-WHAT!

2:21 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : So it looks like you'll be going home!

2:21 Chwiis

  • Lightning You fools!

2:21 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : BUT...

2:21 Chwiis

  • Lightning Ooooh! Lightning likes 'buts'!

2:21 Ethan Oka

  • Harold It's an award?

2:22 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Nope! Lightning just makes me laugh so hard! So! I'm making him safe! So! That means B is actually going home!

2:22 Chwiis

  • Lightning HaHA! Serves you right for breaking the bro code!

2:22 Jakerz69

  • B : *tackles Lightning*

2:22 Chwiis

  • Lightning *throws B out of plane*
  • Lightning Sha-bye bye!

2:23 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *throws a parachute out the door*
  • Chris : Well! Team Pythag! Must be annoying that you're still stuck with the team member you wanted to vote off!

2:24 Chwiis

  • Lightning Hey! Sha-Chris! Can Lightning be a team of 1?

2:24 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : NO!

2:25 Chwiis

  • Lightning *conf* *censored*

2:25 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Well! Time to wrap up the show!
  • Chris : See you next time! ON TOTAL!
  • Chris : DRAMA!
  • Chris : WORLD TOUR!

2:26 Ethan Oka

  • Mal *throws frozen fish at Lightning's crotch from off-screen*

2:26 Chwiis

  • Lightning SHA-OW

2:26 RiMiEg007


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