This article focuses on the interactions between Duncan and Ezekiel.


Duncan and Ezekiel are best friends. They have a lot in common and interact often. During the course of Total Drama Island, Duncan and Ezekiel hang out and help each other during challenges. They are very loyal to each other, it Ezekiel feels guilty about kissing Gwen (Duncan's girlfriend at the time) in Little Host of Horrors!. In the finale, Ezekiel picks Duncan to be one of his helpers, and Duncan helps him win. In Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island, Duncan and Ezekiel team up to find the million bucks case.

In Total Drama Action, Duncan picks Ezekiel first to be on his team. Duncan and Ezekiel don't interact much in the first few episodes, until Rooker: Portrait of a Serial Killer, where Ezekiel still feeling guilty over kissing Gwen in the last season, confesses to Duncan about their kiss. At first, Duncan is extremely upset, but calms down and accepts Ezekiel's apologies. Duncan and Gwen start losing interest in each other, and Duncan breaks up with Gwen in Ezekiel & Me. After the break up, Duncan persuades Ezekiel to ask Gwen out. After Ezekiel is cheated out of the competition in Shyfall, Duncan starts making Cody's life miserable as revenge for getting his best friend eliminated. Duncan is happy to see Ezekiel again in The Oddfather, although they don't interact much until the finale. In the finale, Duncan picks Ezekiel to be his helper, and Ezekiel votes for Duncan to win. When Duncan does win, Ezekiel is happy about it and cheers him on with Gwen. During the Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special episode, Duncan and Ezekiel don't have much interaction with each other.

In Total Drama World Tour, Ezekiel picks Duncan first to be on his team. The interact often and help each other out during most of the challenges.

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