This article focuses on the interactions between Duncan and Heather.

Overview Edit

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Total Drama Island Edit

Let's Git This Party Started! Edit

Heather tells everyone including Duncan, that they will learn to love her. Duncan see's Heather give Zoey ice for Scott. This leads to Duncan thinking deeply. Duncan states in the Confessional that he does Believe that Heather has changed. This leads to him saying that, that will make him seem eviler. At the challenge, Heather gets mad, and starts to tear up stuff with her mouth and hands. Duncan then tells everyone that he thinks Heather is mad.

Skyball Experience Edit

Heather is moved to the Killer Kittens team, in which Duncan at first groans, then says hi, and asked how she is. Heather replied by saying that the whole team sucks.

Lions and Tigers and José... Oh My! Edit

Both Duncan and Scott come to the Cabin and ask if they come come in. Heather immediacy asked with anger in her voice what do they want. Duncan says that they all need to form an alliance together. (Ezekiel, Heather, Duncan, Scott). Heather then states in the Confessional that Duncan's plan is Brilliant, and that she wished that she could of thought of that. Ezekiel mentions that Mike might be good to have in an alliance, in which Duncan says that he likes his chances with Scott more. In which Heather agrees.

Raiders of the Lost Boney Ark Edit

Heather and Duncan along with Ezekiel ride together in the same Canoe. But Heather doesn't want Duncan on the Canoe with her and Ezekiel, as she wants time with Ezekiel by herself. Ezekiel says to Heather that they should go with Duncan and Gwen, in which Heather agreed.

Food Flight! Edit

At the beginning of the challenge, Heather tells her Team about a Cake she used to always get for her Birthday. Duncan asks Heather, how they would make this Cake. She replies saying easy, in which she pulls out her secret recipe from her Bra. Heather explains all the Ingredients that it needed for the Cake, by reading of the paper. Duncan goes and gathers all the Ingredients for the Cake. When Ezekiel and Heather were talking about the Cake, Duncan interrupts them saying that the Cake isn't going to make itself. Heather tells Duncan the Ingredients for the Gan-ache, in which Duncan gathered all the Ingredients. Heather then says for Duncan to pre-heat the Oven, in which he listened to her.

Eating After Midnight Edit

Chris changes the team, states that all the contestants will be put onto teams based on their past performances. Heather and Duncan were placed onto the Villains team.

I Guess That's Why They Call Me Whiskers!Edit

Duncan, Mike, Scott, Noah, and Alejandro all agreed that they didn't vote out Heather last episode. They all are confused to why Heather was eliminated and not José.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Total Drama World TourEdit

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