This article focuses on the interactions between Duncan and José.

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In the Confessional, José states that he would off been eliminated last episode, and that he will get his revenge on his team mates. Duncan complains on DJ should of never quit, as Duncan and his team had José out. Ezekiel, Scott, and Alejandro all agree that José should be eliminated soon. Duncan says that he thinks he could convince everyone to vote out José next, for good. After Chris explained the challenge, Duncan instantly chose José to be partners with. Duncan states in the Confessional that it is strategy, as he picked the best party maker in Spain, and can easily gain Immunity. Duncan and José walk together, and José asks who Duncan wants gone next. Duncan replies saying that he honestly wants him gone, but said that Dawn would be a good option. José asks why Dawn, in which Duncan says that she is a threat. Later on, José and Duncan are seen arguing on what the Party theme should be on, as José wants a Salsa Party, while Duncan wants a Skull and Cross Bones Party. José then suggests that they could sabotage another group. After Mike was revealed to be Mal, José is seen confused to what happened, in which Duncan and Zoey had to explain to him. In the explanation, Duncan says that Mal was the reason to why José lost in the Boney Island challenge, in which José gasps, and says that Mike is going down. When both José and Duncan finish their tents, José tells Duncan to guard the tent, while he does more sabotage. In the Confessional, Duncan is seen laughing after José accidentally lit his hand on fire. When Chris comes to judge José and Duncan's Party, in which Duncan informs Chris that José is in the Infirmary. In which Chris says that is awesome, and gives the two extra points.

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