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Total Drama Island Edit

Let's Git This Party Started! Edit

Both Mike and Duncan are placed on the same team, the Killer Kittens. Duncan calls his whole team awesome, besides Harold.

Lions and Tigers and José... Oh My! Edit

Ezekiel mentions that Mike might be good to have in an alliance, in which Duncan says that he likes his chances with Scott more. In which Heather agrees. In the Confessional Duncan stated that Mike's personalities freak him out a bit. Duncan agrees with Mike/Mal that they should just get on with the challenge.

Raiders of the Lost Boney Ark Edit

Mike asks Duncan, Heather, Scott, and Ezekiel about the alliance, in which Duncan asks what alliance. Ezekiel then says he is probably talking about his alliance with Mike. At the challenge Mike asks if his team is good at swimming, in which Duncan says "how do you think I escaped from Juvi so many times". Mike immediately says that he wasn't talking to Duncan. Both Mike and Duncan dig where Ezekiel tripped over something at the challenge. Duncan discovers that it is the other teams Chest, and Mike says that they should take everything out of it, and dump the chest in a Cave. Mike demands for Duncan and Ezekiel to bury the Treasure. In which Duncan listened to Mike. Mike later asks if they could trust Scott, in which Duncan says that Scott is quite stupid and would do what they want him to do. Mike see's Lindsay, and asked if Duncan and Ezekiel hid the chest. In which both agree, and Duncan says that he has all the Gold in his pocket. Duncan asks what he can do, while Mike, Zoey, Alejandro, and Heather go Treasure Hunting. Mike then says that Ezekiel and Duncan must guard the Treasure Chest, with their lives. Duncan then says that no one will lay a finger on the Gold. Duncan says that Mike/Manitoba should hurry and get into the Canoe with Ezekiel and himself.

Mike paddles back to see if Zoey would like to come, in which Duncan said that they don't need her, and they need to win this. They get near the Island, and Mike shouts out that there is the Island, in which Duncan says that they are almost there. They ended up winning challenge, and Ezekiel, Duncan, and Mike high five each other. On the Dock of Shame, Mike notices that Duncan has some brown stains on his shoes, in which Duncan sighed and groaned.

The Asleep-A-Thon Edit

Duncan walks into cabin, complaining how he is tired. Mike asked how he is tired. Duncan answered saying that José was screaming half the night, and in which kept Duncan up all night. Alejandro asked why José is in the Infirmary, and Mike answered saying that Duncan said that José was screaming all night. In which Alejandro agreed with Mike and Duncan, and said that he also heard it.

At the Mess Hall, Chris announced that Chef Hatchet has made a special Breakfast, in which Duncan bets $5.00, that it is a Bowl of Lungs or something. In which Mike agrees and takes the Bet. Both were amazed that Chef Hatchet made Turkey for Breakfast, and that it wasn't fake at all. In which, Chef asks why he isn't appreciated by the campers. Owen rushes into the Mess Hall, looking for the Turkey that he heard of. He then explains that his Team left him at Boney Island in the last episode, and that he had to swim back to the Island. Both Mike and Duncan, were shocked and surprised of the events. Owen then passes out. Mike complains saying that he almost died eating a Turkey when he was 6 years old. In which Duncan says that he almost died escaping Juvi, and that never stopped him from escaping Juvi. Mike then says that he will have a little bit of the Turkey. Both Duncan and Mike are in love with the Turkey. After Owen farts and wakes up Duncan from the smell of his fart, Mike is seen dissapointed that his team lost the challenge.

Up Up and... SQUIRREL! Edit

Mike rips off his shirt, and Vito comes out. Zoey and Duncan tell him to put back on his shirt. Vito then says that he does not take orders from them. Duncan then says that Vito should make himself useful and start building the Balloon. Vito agrees, and says that he knows his stuff, by saying that he read a tonne of books on Engineering. Vito says that they need a Basket first, in which Duncan went off to go fins one. He found one and gives it to Vito. Vito bends the Basket and said that it isn't sturdy enough. Duncan stood next to Vito and said to Vito to not tell him that it is not sturdy enough. Vito runs to the Cabins, and comes back with cabin Beds nailed that are screwed together. Vito said that he has a sturdy enough Basket. Duncan glares at Vito, and said that he likes Manitoba Smith better. Ezekiel and Duncan agree on finding a hat, to get Manitoba to help, but is swayed when Scott says that they need Vito's mechanic skills.

Peeing in the Wild Edit

After Chris tells everyone to nominate a person to race the Air Balloons they built last episode. Ezekiel nominates Duncan, and Scott agrees with Ezekiel. Duncan asks why he has to do it, in which Mike said that he can do it. Scott then says that Duncan should do the challenge, as he knows his stuff. Mike then agrees with Scott. Mike is seen rooting for Duncan before the challenge started. After José jumped onto Duncan's Hot Air Balloon, Mike shouts out to Duncan to kick him off. Duncan ended up kicking him off. Duncan then takes out his Pocket Knife and threatens José that he will stab him. Mike is seen saying that he should do it. Later on in the challenge, José is still holding onto Duncan's Hot Air Balloon. Mike changes into Svetlana and jumps onto the Hot Air Balloon. Duncan is confused and asks why he is there. Svetlana does not answer and tries to take José off of the Balloon. José just kicks off Svetlana, and Duncan is seen worried about him. After Duncan crosses the Finish Line, Mike is seen rooting for him. After Mike does not remember himself, Duncan calls him dumb.

Eating After Midnight Edit

Chris changes the team, states that all the contestants will be put onto teams based on their past performances. Mike and Duncan were placed onto the Villains team.

Scott + Fang = Scang? Edit

At the beginning of the episode, Duncan roots out that he is glad he is on the Villains team, in which José, Ezekiel, and Scott root with him. But Mike is questioned to why he is on the Villains team. He states that he doesn't remember much, but he does know that he fights for his friends. At the challenge, Cody is seen hitting on Gwen, in which Duncan gives Cody a wedgie, and says that he looks better with Underwear on his head. In which Cody was yelling out in pain that he was only complimenting Gwen. Mike then shoves Duncan out the way to help out Cody. Chris tells each team to nominate three members for the challenge, in which Duncan nominates Mike.

That is One Ugly Painting! Edit

Duncan asks what everyone thinks the challenge will be. In which Mike replies saying that he hopes that the challenge does not involve his fingers.

I Guess That's Why They Call Me Whiskers!Edit

Duncan, Mike, Scott, Noah, and Alejandro all agreed that they didn't vote out Heather last episode. They all are confused to why Heather was eliminated and not José. During the challenge, in the Mess Hall, Duncan is seen telling Mike to give him the cat, in which Mike threw the cat to Duncan.

Merging is Only the Beginning!Edit

Duncan says that he thinks he could convince everyone to vote out José next, for good, in which Noah, Mike and Gwen says that Duncan has their votes. After Zoey finds out that Mike is really Mal, Duncan recognises him, as Malice from Juvi. Zoey asks how Duncan knows about Mal, in which Duncan replied saying that in Juvi, Mal caused trouble for the fun of it, and states that he knew that Mike looked familiar. After Mal left, Duncan says that they all should vote off Mike next. Zoey defends saying that Mike might still be there. In which Duncan says that it is a chance they must take. Later on, Mal tries to steal Duncan and José's balloons, but was to slow, and was caught by Duncan. Mal says that he likes stealing as it is fun, in which Duncan said that red and yellow balloons won't even fit Mike's torture party idea. Mal later on steals some of Duncan's balloons, and uses them to make more Piantas. Mike smirks at Duncan after he is deemed safe from elimination.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Total Drama World TourEdit

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