Killer Kittens
Killer Greensman
Team Xtreme
Do-Gooding Dolphins
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDI: The Asleep-A-Thon
TDA: Game of Rock
TDWT: TDWT Greek Olympics
TDAS: Cutthroat Cooking
Place TDI: 25th
TDA: 6th
TDWT: 12th
TDAS: 19th
Relationship Bridgette
Family TBA
Friends Everyone (except enemies)
Enemies Blaineley, Staci
Portrayed by TDI: RiMiEg007
TDA: Chwiis
TDWT: TylerWebkinzFan
Aftermaths: RiMiEg007

Geoff is a contestant on our Roleplay

Life Before Total DramaEdit

Geoff grown up in a party town or the west coast. Spring break, long weekends, summertime - people came from all around to party in his town. Because of that, Geoff learned at a young age how to really party. REALLY. He's the oldest of five brothers, so he feels it's his duty to show them how to party the right way. Thanks to his bohemian parents (who met, married, and conceived Geoff on a beach) Geoff has chillaxin' party-hearty DNA in his blood. At school, he's everybody's buddy. He's the star quarterback on his high school football team and after they won last season's playoffs, the lock room had to be rebuilt from the ground up after a three-day-party-fest. Geoff's goal is to take a bit out of life and chew it until there's nothing left but seeds that he can scatter into the wind to start the whole party cycle of life all over again. His eventual plan is to be a party organizer. He thinks that would be the most AWESOME job ever. He can't even imagine how much fun that would be - and he would totally ROCK at it, too. He just wants everybody to get along and chill out. Although, he usually hangs with the cool crowd, he's no snob. Geoff will party with anybody who's interested in partying. He likes everybody for whatever it is that they can bring to the table (or party). Geoff enjoys spending time at the beach, camping, or anywhere else a party could be had. That's why Geoff auditioned for Total Drama Island, because it basically includes all his favorite things... people, camping, and parties.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Geoff was a good competitor in Island, but his chances went down in The Asleep-A-Thon when he was the first to wake up and was then voted out.

However, he then went on to host The TDI Aftermath I. He continues to host Aftermaths with his co-host, Bridgette.

Total Drama ActionEdit

At first, Geoff was not a part of Total Drama Action, but won a place in it during TDA Aftermath I. Along with Courtney, he debuted in Platoon 1986 and was placed on the Killer Greensman. Geoff thoroughly enjoyed the challenge in The Perfect Disaster.


  • Geoff considers himself quite the good cook, however the only dish he can actually cook is sausages, much to the annoyance of his team during cooking challenges.