Godplaying is when a user makes their character win before the challenge(s) 5 minute time limit is up. This means that it must take over 5 minutes to complete the challenge. There are many ways to godplay, such as:

  • Making your character(s) win before the 5 minutes are up
  • Making your character(s) have supernatural powers (Ex. Flying) to complete a challenge.
  • Having your character(s) always win for their team, or for themselves.
    • Please let other users on your team have a chance of winning.

Penalties if Caught GodplayingEdit

If you are caught godplaying, then you will receive either a ban, suspension, or expulsion fro the Roleplay.

  • Caught godplaying once, you will receive a warning
  • Caught godplaying twice, you will receive a one day ban from the wiki.
  • Caught godplaying a third time, you will receive a three day ban, and a one week suspension from the roleplay.
  • If you are caught godplaying a fourth time, you will receive a one month ban and a one year suspension from the roleplay.
    • This means that you will be banned from the chat so you cannot be allowed to roleplay.
    • After the year is up, you will be allowed to roleplay again.
  • If you are caught godplaying anymore after the 1 year ban, you will receive a indefinite ban and will be expelled from roleplaying.

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