Killer Kittens
Screaming Snakes
Heroic Hedgehogs
Screaming Cutters
Team Pythagoras
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green (dotted)
Eliminated TDI: TDI Aftermath II
TDA: I'm Your Huckleberry!
TDWT: José Don't Want Me for a Sunbeam
Place TDI: 16th
TDA: 19th
TDWT: 13th
Relationship Leshawna
Family TBA
Friends Cameron, Tyler, and Geoff.
Enemies Duncan, José, Eva, Lightning
Portrayed by TDI:ThatAwesomeGuy24
TDA: ThatAwesomeGuy24
TDWT: Ethan Oka

Life before Total DramaEdit

Told that he'd never walk again due to a bad allergic reaction to Gummi-Slugs, Harold's a survivor. (He has no problem with other Gummi products). He has earned the most badges of any hid at Possum Scouts. That includes one for fire-building and troll-wrestling (okay, he made that one up). He has an older brother and a kid sister and both of them think he's kind of weird. He's okay with that. He thinks being weird is a badge of honor - actually he embroidered his own badge for 'weirdness'. At least he's not some lemming like everybody else. His classmates call him dorky, but he's confident that won't be the case on Total Drama Island. Hidden in that bike rack he calls a body, he's got some unexpected wicked skills that will come in very handy in the woods. His love of medieval fantasy literature and intense scout training makes him the guy to have on your team. Harold believes in believing in yourself - no matter what people say about you, or what they're throwing at you, you've got to stay strong. His big brother calls him an over-exaggerating melodramatic fret-bucket - but that's HIS opinion. Although there was that one time he stubbed his toe and waited in the Emergency Room for 13 hours until a doctor finally told him that he wouldn't have to amputate. Since he is pure of heart and strong of will, this noble warrior will go far (he has to, because he's already embroidered a badge that says so).