To combat the random people who come to the wiki and demand to become an administrator, I am setting up this guide page that tells you everything you need to know on how to become an administrator, bureaucrat, rollback, and chat moderator.

Becoming a Chat ModeratorEdit

This is the first step to becoming an administrator. Because it will test your skills on how to deal with various chat situations, such as spammers, rule breakers, godplayers, etc. To become a chat moderator, you must:

  • Make 100 edits to the wiki
  • Participate in at least 1 season of the Roleplay
  • Pass the Chat Mod Test

Becoming RollbackEdit

Since rollback is nothing more than being able to undo multiple edits with one click, all you need to do to become rollback is to:

  • Become a Chat Moderator

Becoming an AdministratorEdit

Becoming an administrator is much harder and more demanding. You MUST be a are trusted user. To become an admin, you must:

  • Make over 500 valuable edits to the wiki
  • Help report bad users
  • Help delete unwanted pages from the wiki
  • Pass the Admin Test

Becoming a BureaucratEdit

Bureaucrat is the HARDEST right to obtain, due to the fact that when you become a bureaucrat, only Wikia Staff can demote you. To become a bureaucrat, you have to:

  • Make over 1,000 valuable edits to the wiki
  • Participate in at least 3 seasons of the Roleplay
  • Get at least 5 users to join the wiki and participate in a season of the Roleplay
  • Block/Warn users that have made spam edits or vandalized a page
  • Protect pages that are high targets for spam/vandalism
  • Delete unwanted pages from the wiki
  • Pass the Bureaucrat Test

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