Jennette McCurdy
Jennette McCurdy
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Grey
Relationship José
Friends José
Enemies Heather
Portrayed by RiMiEg007

Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy is an American film and television actress, producer, screenwriter and country pop singer-songwriter. She is known for her role as Sam Puckett on iCarly and Sam & Cat. José is a big fan of Jennette.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Jennette is mentioned many times throughout the season, mostly by José, who is a massive fan of her. Because of this, José and Heather begin to lose interest in each other and fight a lot, though they don't break up due to this, as it was actually Alejandro's fault they broke up.

Jennette was a guest judge in Hawaiian Luau, much to José's pleasure. After José wins, Jennette asks him out on a date.

Total Drama: Revenge of the IslandEdit

Chris mentions in Back in the Toxic Groove that José and Jennette are dating.

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