Screaming Snakes
Lurid Lions
Killer Greensman
Team rehtaeH
Sinister Serpents
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Eliminated TDI: The Sword is Mightier than the Pen
TDA: The Sulking Dead

TDAS: The iCarly Fan Isn't So Victorious!

Place TDI: 6th
TDA: 4th
TDWT: 1st

TDAS: 15th

Relationship Jennette McCurdy
Heather (broken up)
Leshawna (one sided on her side)
Family Alejandro (brother), Carlos (brother), Father, Mother, Julio (uncle)
Friends Carlos, Jennette McCurdy, Trent, Lindsay, Scott, and Leshawna (one sided on her side)
Enemies Alejandro, Heather, Mike, Mal, Manitoba Smith, Ezekiel, Zoey, Noah, Gwen, Dawn, Vin, Duncan, Tyler, Courtney.
Portrayed by TDI:RiMiEg007
TDA: RiMiEg007
TDWT: AssyrianAsylum

José Burromuerto is a contestant in Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, and Total Drama World Tour. He is labeled The Arch Villain's Arch Enemy. He is Alejandro's older brother. the main antagonist in Season 1. He has an attraction for Heather, who reciprocates these feelings, and often flirts with her.

Total Drama IslandEdit

José debuted in Lions and Tigers and José... Oh My!, much to Alejandro's disappointment. He helped the Screaming Snakes win the challenge, but made enemies with them very quickly.

In Raiders of the Lost Boney Ark, he teamed up with Noah and Lindsay to find the treasure. He finds the Killer Kittens's treasure, but it is taken by Manitoba Smith. He attempts to take it back, but is stopped by Zoey. He is almost voted off, but Lindsay is instead because she didn't do anything in the challenge.Later that night, Mal puts a bee hive José's pillow, preventing José from participating in The Asleep-A-Thon. José recovers from his injuries in Food Flight!, and starts a food fight to sabotage the Killer Kittens, but fails in sabotaging them. Mal, sees a perfect opportunity to sabotage the Screaming Snakes and tells José that B is helping the Killer Kittens win. José questions B about this, but B doesn't answer. José then tells him that if he can't defend himself, then he obviously was a traitor. He is then given immunity for starting the food fight, angering his team.

In Up Up and... SQUIRREL!, he starts becoming suspicious of Mike (who is actually Mal) and plans to expose him. When Alejandro is moved to the Screaming Snakes, José mockingly welcomes him to "his" team. During the challenge, he makes his team do all of the work, but then starts working when Vito, takes the Screaming Snake's beds for the hot air balloon. José attempts to make a balloon (which is unstable) and submits it. The Snake lose again, and is LOW with Katie, and Katie was voted off.

In Peeing in the Wind, José races his team's balloon against Duncan, which results with Duncan nearly stabbing him. José continues to hang on to Duncan's balloon, and Mal (as Svetlana), attempts to pull him off. Svetlana is beaten by José, and Mike temporarily loses his memory. Duncan realizes José is still on his balloon, and stomps on José's hands, make sure José fell this time. Duncan wins, and gets to choose who to vote out. Duncan wants to vote off José, but sees Brick as more of a threat and votes him off.

In Eating After Midnight, he is placed on the Lurid Lions team, due to his villain status. He shows to be scared of Duncan, and reluctantly eats the disgusting meals. In Scott + Fang = Scang?, José seems to be glad to be on the villains team. He does not participate in the challenge, and relaxes on the beach with the rest of the campers who weren't participating. In That is One Ugly Painting!, José and Heather doesn't participate in the challenge, and is almost voted off, but Heather is instead. In I Guess That's Why They Call Me Whiskers!, he and Noah are about to be voted off, but both are saved by DJ quitting the game. In Merging is Only the Beginning!, Duncan teams up with José for the challenge (as a strategic move) and they throw a "Spanish Salsa Party". Chris rates their party an 11 (on a scale from 1 to 10) and they take third place. Once again, José is almost voted out, but has one less vote than Scott.

In Little Host of Horrors!, José teams up with Noah, and survives the night with no problems. He is again almost voted off, but has one less vote than Gwen. In Mr. Ratface and the Final 6, José is beaten by Mal, and was voted off. But Chris made the challenge a reward challenge and saved José from elimination, angering everyone. In I Love the Smell of Burning Paintballs in the Morning!, he is taken out early on and watches Ezekiel beat Duncan. In The Sword is Mightier than the Pen, José has to fence with Alejandro, but is severely injured by him before the match started. José is finally eliminated by injury and sent to the nearest hospital. In TDI Aftermath III, José has been confined to a wheelchair and cannot speak on his own, using a computer to help him talk. Alejandro changes the computer's voice multiple times, angering José.

Total Drama ActionEdit

José returns in Total Drama Action after recovering most of his injuries. He is chosen to be on Duncan's team, the Killer Greensman, in Lights! Camera! ACTION!. He begins the season off still confined to a wheelchair, but is able to speak without the use of the computer. In I'm Your Huckleberry!, He reveals that he is able to walk again, but stays in his wheelchair to get close to Heather. He also save Heather from the Screaming Cutters and wins the challenge. Heather switches to the Killer Greensman, much to José's enjoyment.

In Rooker: Portrait of a Serial Killer, he is put into a group with Heather, and they plan on eliminating Ezekiel because they believe he is a threat and because he is Heather's ex-boyfriend. They lose the challenge and the couple vote for Ezekiel, but Scott is voted off instead. In Doctor What, José shows his willingness to help out Heather and his team by letting them use him as a human shield for the challenge. He and his team wins the challenge. In The Molded Compass, José is tripped by Manitoba, and he decides that it is time to start walking again. Heather is upset that José is able to walk, as she secretly enjoyed wheeling José around. The Killer Greensman lose, and they vote off Owen because of him being useless in challenges.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Total Drama: Revenge of the IslandEdit

Though José does not compete in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, he appears in the Aftermath episodes.

Chris mentions in Back in the Toxic Groove that José and Jennette McCurdy are dating.

José makes a cameo appearance in Maggots Gone Wild, where he is a demonstrator/judge for the challenge.