Screaming Snakes
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: Up Up and... SQUIRREL!
Place TDI: 21st
Relationship TBA
Family TBA
Friends Sadie, José, Lindsay, Sierra
Enemies Noah, Heather
Portrayed by Vundabar00700

Katie is a contestant on our Roleplay.

Life before Total DramaEdit

Katie was raised in the small town of Twig Harbour - see Sadie's bio. Actually, if you want to know anything about Katie, just see Sadie's bio. They know absolutely everything about each other. And why not? They're practically the same person. Katie thinks the experience on Total Drama Island is going to be great for both of them. It'll really bring them closer together as friends, although it's hard to imagine how that's humanly possible since they already do EVERYTHING together. They even have the same summer job. Every summer they make their own ice cream and sell it at the pier. Their most popular flavor is Spumindi Lauper. (That's because Katie - just like Sadie - has a ginormous passion for all things 80s!) It was actually Sadie's idea to start their own business. While Katie thinks with her heart, Sadie thinks with her head. Together, they complete each other. If Katie starts a sentence, Sadie is sure to finish. They love all the same things, including each other. Katie loves to sew and makes all of their outfits from scratch (that's right, she sews Sadie's clothes too - duh! how else could they match?) Katie and her best pal Sadie love to stay positive and are too busy being creative to let anything bother them. And thank goodness, because if it did, their sweet little hearts couldn't take it.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Katie was a fairly useful contestant for her team and was well liked. In Food Fright!, she voulenteered to take Sierra's place for elimination, however it was declined by Chris, and Sierra was eliminated. Katie was eliminated an episode later in Up Up and... SQUIRREL!

Total Drama ActionEdit

Katie did not compete in Total Drama Action and was a member of the peanut gallery.