Killer Greensman
Killer Greensman
Season in Total Drama Action
Number of members 13
Highest ranking member Gwen, 2nd Place
Lowest ranking member Courtney, 16th Place
Description Random
Team selected by Duncan

This is the team page for the Killer Greensman. They are one of the two teams participating in Total Drama Action



  • In film, a Greensman is a specialised Set Dresser that deals with the artistic arrangement or landscape design of plant material, sometimes real and sometimes artificial, and usually a combination of both. Depending on the scope of the greens work in a film, the Greensman may report to the Art Director or may report directly to the Production Designer. If a significant amount of greens work is required in a film, then the Greens greens may be an identifiable sub-department, with its own team - often of a size numbering double figures - and hierarchy (e.g. Greensmaster, Greens Supervisor, Foreperson, Leading Hand, Laborers). Specialists from other areas of the Art Dept. (e.g. Fabricators, Sculptors, Painters/Scenics) may also be drafted to work exclusively on Greens.

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