Gender Female
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship Alex
Duncan (attraction)
Mal (attraction)
Brunt (attraction)
Family Kylie (mother), Pa Pa (father)
Friends Alex, Raven, Duncan, Gwen, Ezekiel, Antonio, Arnold, Daronté, Scott, Cody, Cameron, Bianca, Vin, Geoff, José, DJ, Harold, Justin, Mike and Mal, Zoey, Owen, Izzy, Courtney, Joshua, Katie, Eva
Enemies Heather, Noah, Alejandro
Portrayed by TBA

Kylie is a contestant in Season 8 and Season 10. She is labeled The Men's Distraction. She is considered a flirt by most of the female contestants, as she is constantly being asked out by the male contestants. Little do the other contestants know that she is using them to get further into the game.

Life before Total DramaEdit

Kylie grew up like a princess. She was pretty, and she always got what she wanted. She was the most popular girl in her schools. She was also the smartest students in her schools, and played almost every sport. She was the quarterback on her football team and the setter on her volleyball team. Her only flaw is: her choice of boyfriends. Her first boyfriend murdered 15 high schoolers when they were fourteen years old. Her second boyfriend cheated on her numerous times with her mortal enemy, Heather. Kylie applied for Total Drama to beat Heather.