This is the transcript for Episode 12 of this roleplay's third season, Total Drama World Tour. Find the main article for it here!


This is the raw chat script as recorded from the main roleplay and then converted to display images for the characters:

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12:10 RiMiEg007


12:10 Chwiis

  • Josh Last time on Total Drama World Tour...
  • Josh We went on a SUPER happy fun trip through Ireland
  • Josh Unfortunately we didn't see any of those cute little elf things

12:12 Mr.Duncan007

  • Chef : Leprechauns?

12:12 Chwiis


12:12 Mr.Duncan007

  • Chef : *rolls his eyes* I should've hosted this episode!

12:12 Chwiis

  • Josh *glares at Chef* Anyway, Sierra couldn't keep her hands of Cody
  • Josh Gurrl, that's just nasty!
  • Josh And Heather and Watch-ya-ma-call-it fought non stop!
  • Josh Eeek! Breakups!
  • Josh Jusssst kiddin'! José and Heather have not officially broken up yet!
  • Josh Now I'm sure your surprised to see this pretty face
  • Josh But all this drama was giving Chris wrinkles! So he's gone off for a spa treatment day!
  • Josh So today, moi will be your host!
  • Josh So see what EXCITING new drama happens now! On TOTAL
  • Josh DRAMA
  • Josh WORLD TOUR!

12:15 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *Conf* I can't believe Heather voted me out! She is going down!

12:16 Chwiis

  • Heather *conf* UGH! I can't believe Jose was saved!

12:16 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *Conf* Finally Cody is out! That dweeb has had it since he got Zeke wrongfully eliminated! I think he may have learned his lesson! *laughs*

12:17 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : I have to make sure I thank Cody the next time I see him! I was almost a goner! ALMOST! *glares at Heather*

12:17 DegrassiFTW27

  • Sierra *weeps* Cody......

12:17 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *pats Sierra's back* It's not that bad

12:17 Chwiis

  • Lightning Yo, where's the gym in this sha-bucket of bolts?

12:19 Chwiis

  • Jo I don't know jock-strap, but you can use it... your muscles are just flaking away!

DegrassiFTW27 has left the chat. 12:20 Chwiis

  • Lightning Not cool dude *punches Jo*
  • Jo I'M NOT A- oh never mind!

12:20 Ethan Oka

  • Harold There isn't a gym! Gosh!

12:21 Chwiis

  • Lightning Sure there is, everything needs a gym!

12:21 AssyrianAsylum

  • Brick : Well, no gym here!

12:22 Mr.Duncan007

  • Justin : I must say! I am so glad to be on Team Xtreme! We are the best!

12:22 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : I know!

12:23 Chwiis

  • Sierra *falls asleep* *sleeptalking* CODY
  • Heather Um... is she alright?

12:23 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : She'll be fine

12:24 Chwiis

  • Heather I dont remember asking you

12:24 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Humph! *walks away*

12:24 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Technically you did ask him.

12:24 Chwiis

  • Sierra *still sleeptalking* Don't worry Cody, Sierra's here *grabs Heather and kisses her*
  • Heather GAH! GET OFF! GET OFF!

12:25 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *conf* *laughs*

12:26 Chwiis

  • Heather *conf* Argh! Crazy girl or Prick ex? Can't we just eliminate all of them!

DegrassiFTW27 has arrived. So quit talking smack about him! 12:28 Chwiis

  • Josh *loudspeaker* KAY TEAMS, LIKE, COME TO THE CARGO BAY!

12:28 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Maybe we'll get lucky and Josh will land the plane!

12:28 Chwiis

  • Geoff Dudes, is it me or does Chris sound different?

12:28 RiMiEg007


12:29 Chwiis I was gonna do that 12:29 RiMiEg007 You're too slow


Plus it's my job anyway


12:29 Chwiis

  • Josh Hello contestants! It's good to see you!

12:29 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Hey Josh!

12:30 Chwiis

  • Josh Hi Al!

12:30 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Actually Josh, I'm José! The ugly one is Al!
  • Alejandro : *glares at José*

12:34 Chwiis

  • Josh Oh, all you Mexicans look the same!
  • Heather *laughs*

12:35 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Wow Josh! They're Hispanic! Gosh!

12:36 Chwiis

  • Josh Same thing silly!

12:30 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Josh? But I thought you hosted Celebrity man hunt!?

12:30 Chwiis

  • Josh I know! But Chris has gone on a spa day, so I'm filling in!

12:31 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : Please be nicer than Chris!

12:31 Chwiis

  • Josh Oh don't worry, I'm SUPER nice and fabulous!
  • Sierra Are you... Cody?

12:31 Ethan Oka

  • Harold phew.

12:31 Mr.Duncan007

  • Justin: Thank You! Chris is killing us! We need a break!

12:32 Chwiis

  • Josh Woah girl! You look nasty!

o shit Grass is ere like be sierra 12:33 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : *Conf* I have a bet going with José! I bet him $20 that Sierra might lose this challenge for us!
  • Josh Anyway! We've got a SUPER challenge in store for you today!

12:36 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : Oh yay! Wait, this actually might be fun!

12:36 Chwiis

  • Josh Teams must visit 1 landmark in each Burrough (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island) and tag their team logos on each one. Like... yay!


  • Duncan : Whoa! That sounds AWESOME!

12:37 Chwiis

  • Josh *sighs* New York, the city of dreams...

12:37 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : You would think that Duncan! Vandal! *laughs*

12:37 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Oh! Nice one Gwen!
  • Zeke : Yeah! Nice one!

12:38 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *conf* What is our team logo? The Pi symbol? ah Pi! It is the Pi Symbol!

12:38 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke: Our team symbol is a skateboard!

12:38 AssyrianAsylum

  • José: Sadly, our team symbol is Heather's face!

12:38 Chwiis

  • Heather Great! I bet this is the part when you open the cargo doors and we all fall

12:38 Chwiis

  • Josh Oh don't be silly! I would never- *leans against wall, accidentally pushing button*

12:39 RiMiEg007


12:39 Chwiis

  • Josh Whoops silly me!
  • Josh Welcome to New York City!

12:40 AssyrianAsylum

  • Alejandro : *helps Heather up*

12:41 Chwiis

  • Heather um... thanks

12:41 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *glares at Alejandro*
  • Alejandro : No problem hermosa!

12:41 Chwiis

  • Josh To give you guys a bit of extra incentive in the challenge, the winning team of today's challenge will receive a super fabulous prize!

12:42 Ethan Oka

  • Harold New York! Can we go to the met?

12:42 Chwiis What's the met? 12:43 RiMiEg007 Metropolitan Museum of Art AKA the Met 12:43 Chwiis

  • Josh Eeek! Sure! That can be one of your landmarks!

12:44 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Yes!

12:44 Chwiis

  • Josh Ready?

12:45 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : Wait! What are the landmarks?
  • Zeke : We have the MET! What else?

12:45 Chwiis

  • Josh Anything you want!

Just one from The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island 12:47 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : That might get confusing! I mean! We should have a set of landmarks!

12:47 Chwiis

  • Josh Um excuse me, are you host?

12:47 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Zeke! We can basically tag any building we want! That could be fun!
  • Zeke : Fine!

12:48 Mr.Duncan007

  • Justin : *looks in a mirror*

12:48 Chwiis

  • Josh That's what I thought! And maybe during the challenge you can get a haircut! That salad is nasty!

12:48 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : Excuse me?

12:48 Chwiis

  • Geoff Woah sit down Zeke!

12:48 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : I like his hair!

12:48 Chwiis

  • Josh You heard me! Now Go! *blows airhorn*

12:49 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Empire State Building here I come!

12:49 Chwiis

  • Josh *conf* Home schools I tell you! No respect for the upper class!

12:49 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *runs to the Empire State Building and tags his team symbol on it*
  • Duncan : One down, 4 to go!

12:50 Chwiis

  • Heather TEAM ME! Gather for a team meeting!

12:51 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Ok, so I think we should tag the Crotona Ply Center First!

12:51 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *runs to Yankee Stadium* Ok! This is the Bronx! *tags his team symbol on it*
  • Duncan : 2 down, 3 to go!

12:51 Chwiis Duncan is godplaying 12:52 Ethan Oka yep 12:53 Chwiis we just started 12:53 RiMiEg007 It's supposed to be funny! Since he's a vandal! I'll wait 12:53 Chwiis how did e run accross islands so quickly 12:53 RiMiEg007 Manhatten and the Bronx are on the same island 12:54 Chwiis whatever, he still ran a long way really quickly

  • Heather Guys, I say we head to the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhatten Bridge, we can spray them both... 2 bird with one stone...
  • 2 birds

My s key is dodgy 12:55 Ethan Oka

  • Harold To the Bronx!

12:55 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : What is in Queens? Oh! Fort Totten! *hails a cab*

12:55 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : I think we lost Duncan!

12:55 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *gets stuck in traffic* Oh come on!

12:55 Chwiis

  • Heather Sierra! Quit moping around

This challenge is failing 12:56 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *leaves the cab and hijacks a bike*

12:57 AssyrianAsylum

  • Brick : Ok! So why are we just sitting here doing nothing?

12:57 Chwiis

  • Heather *heads to Brooklyn Bridge and Manhatten Bridge with team*

12:57 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *reaches Fort Totten* Alright! *tags his team symbol* 3 down! 2 to go!

12:57 Chwiis

  • Sierra *runs away*
  • Heather Sierra! Get back here!

12:58 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Ok *runs to the Bronx*

DegrassiFTW27 has left the chat. 12:58 Chwiis

  • Zoey Uh... where's Lightning?

12:59 Ethan Oka

  • Harold wait... what?

12:59 Chwiis

  • Lightning *On his own in Time Square* What's with all these sha-lights?

12:59 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Now! What else? Oh! Coney Island! *starts biking to Coney Island*

1:00 Chwiis

  • Lightning *climbs up one of the big shiny signs* LIGHTNING STRIKE *sprays a lightning bolt on it*
  • Lightning Now where the hell is my sha-team?

1:01 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : *sees Team Xtreme's logo on the Empire State Building* Looks like Duncan is doing our job for us!

1:01 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : I wonder how many landmarks he done!?

1:01 Chwiis

  • Sierra *climbs up a tree* WAAAAAAAAAH
  • Heather Sierra! Get the hell down!

1:02 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *reaches Coney Island and tags his team symbol* Ok! That's Brooklyn! Now for Staten Island!

1:02 Chwiis

  • Heather *conf* I have an idea

1:03 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *starts biking over to Staten Island* I think I'll do the Bayonne Bridge!

1:03 Chwiis

  • Heather *grabs Noah* Hey look Sierra, it's Cody!

1:03 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : What! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

1:03 Chwiis

  • Heather *conf* Noah looks like Cody? Doesn't he?
  • Heather *pinches Noah* Just roll with it!

1:03 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : I said no!

1:04 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Oh! Forget him! *tags Pi onto the play center's wall* Alright! Next... Kay's Deli!

1:04 Chwiis

  • Sierra C-c-c-c-c-Cody?

1:04 Ethan Oka

  • Kat's

1:04 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

1:04 Chwiis

  • Sierra IT IS CODY!

1:04 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : *kicks Heather and runs away* NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

1:05 Chwiis

  • Sierra *grabs Noah and runs off with him* YOU CAME BACK FOR ME!

1:05 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : *bites Sierra and runs away* Sierra! SIT!

1:05 Chwiis

  • Heather Argh! After her!

1:06 Ethan Oka

  • Harold To Manhatten!

1:06 Chwiis

  • Sierra *grabs Noah again* Nonsense Cody, we have a date to go on!

1:06 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *reaches the Bayonne Bridge* Ok! *tags his team symbol* ANd I'm done! But first, I'm going to the Statue of Liberty!

1:06 Chwiis

  • Cody *watching at home* Wow, I'm so glad to be out

1:06 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *goes to the Statue of Liberty and places a bomb inside it*
  • Duncan : *goes to Central Park and detonates the bomb, destroying the Statue of Liberty*
  • Duncan : Woo Hoo!

1:07 Chwiis Dick that's just stupid 1:07 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *goes to Josh* Ok! I'm done!

1:08 Chwiis Seriously, really stupid 1:08 RiMiEg007 So what! Duncan got to destory a treasured landmark! Just say Team Xtreme wins so we can move on 1:08 Chwiis

  • sighs* Now I'm gonna have to get the cop involved aren't I

1:08 RiMiEg007 Yup Duncan won't get arrested though 1:09 Chwiis But I don't want to I don't want to overuse him 1:09 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *At Kat's Deli* Anyone want lunch while we're here?

1:09 RiMiEg007 Ok! Don't! But in a future episode have him mention that he thinks that Duncan had something to do with that 1:10 Chwiis

  • Josh Duncan! Why did you do that! I thought I made it clear that there is no destroying famous landmarks!

1:10 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : You never said that!

1:10 Chwiis

  • Josh Whatever! Let's get out of here! We don't want the police on our tails... again!

1:11 RiMiEg007


1:11 Chwiis

  • Josh Well it looks like everyone is here

1:12 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Who won?

1:12 Chwiis

  • Sierra *still holding Noah* I feel so much better now

1:12 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : *kicks Sierra* Get off me!
  • Alejandro : Josh! Who won?

1:13 Chwiis

  • Josh Well, after that performance from Duncan I have a good mind to make Team Xtreme the losers!

1:13 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *eating corned beef sandwhich* That'd be great!

1:13 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Shut Up Harold!
  • Duncan : *picks Josh up by the shirt* But you're changing you mind! RIGHT?

1:14 Chwiis

  • Josh But unfortunately, they were the only team to tag five landmarks, so my hands are tied
  • Josh Now get off me creep

1:14 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *puts Josh down* Good!
  • Zeke : Nice work Duncan!

1:15 Chwiis

  • Josh And since Team Heather were the only team to not tag any landmarks, they lose
  • Josh So like, go vote someone off or something

1:15 AssyrianAsylum

  • Alejandro : Thank You Sierra! *glares at Sierra*

1:15 RiMiEg007


1:16 Chwiis pm me votes

  • Heather *conf* Hoe-say can wait, we need to get rid of the freak show first
  • Josh Well, the votes are in....
  • Josh The following are safe and stuff
  • Josh Noah
  • Josh Lindsay
  • Josh Alejandro
  • Josh Jose!

1:19 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Yes!

1:19 Chwiis

  • Josh Uh oh! Heather and Sierra are low!
  • Heather WHAT!
  • Josh But unsuprisingly...
  • Josh The person going home today is Sierra

1:20 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *under breath* Dang it!

1:20 Chwiis

  • Sierra Oh well! At least I've still got Cody! Let's go cutiepie!

1:20 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

1:20 Chwiis


1:21 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Go jump off the plane you crazy *censored*

1:21 Chwiis

  • Sierra B-b-but Cody!

1:21 Mr.Duncan007

  • Chef : *picks up Sierra and throws her out the plane*

1:21 Chwiis


1:21 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Thank You Chef!

1:22 Mr.Duncan007

  • Chef : No problem kid!
  • Chef : That girl as all kinds of crazy!

1:22 Chwiis

  • Josh That gurl was nastier that Chef's stew!

1:22 Mr.Duncan007

  • Chef : *glares at Josh*

1:23 Chwiis

  • Josh Man, I tried a bit once, it gave me gas for 3 days!

1:23 Mr.Duncan007

  • Chef : Don't make me throw you out this plane!

1:23 Chwiis

  • Josh Daymn! It's not my fault you make such horrible-

1:24 Mr.Duncan007

  • Chef : I mean it! I WILL THROW YOU OUT THIS PLANE!

1:24 Chwiis

  • Josh Woah... like... temper much!

1:24 Mr.Duncan007

  • Chef : *picks Josh up*
  • Chef : Any last words?

1:25 Chwiis

  • Josh You can't do this!
  • Josh I'm too fabulous!

1:25 Mr.Duncan007

  • Chef : I can! And I am! *puts a parachute on Josh and throws him out the plane*

1:26 Ethan Oka

  • Harold C'mon Chef! he was way better than Chris! Gosh!

1:26 Mr.Duncan007

  • Chef : Well, looks like I'm ending the episode! *grins*
  • Chef : Who will win next?
  • Chef : Find out next time! On TOTAL!
  • Chef : DRAMA!
  • Chef : WORLD TOUR!



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