This is the transcript for Episode 13 of this roleplay's third season, Total Drama World Tour. Find the main article for it here!


This is the raw chat script as recorded from the main roleplay and then converted to display images for the characters:

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9:22 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Last Time on Total Drama World Tour!
  • Chris : We went to New York!
  • Chris : And Josh took over as host, while I went on a well deserved spa day!
  • Chris : But Josh proved that he did not have what it takes to be a MASTER host, like ME!
  • Chris : Anyway! *laughs*
  • Chris : Duncan went on a mad graffiti rampage, and got a little bit carried away!

DegrassiFTW27 has arrived. So quit talking smack about him! 9:25 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : In the end, Team rehtaeH lost, and Sierra was voted off!
  • Chris : And Josh, was also sent home!
  • Chris : Who will get eliminated next? Great question! Find out now, ON TOTAL!
  • Chris : DRAMA!
  • Chris : WORLD TOUR!

9:27 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *Conf* I don't think I trust Heather anymore!

9:27 Chwiis

  • Heather *conf* I am just about done with this! Stupid million dollar prize!

9:28 Teamdarkfan4 sasauge 9:28 Chwiis ^ agreed brother dark u be gwen, justin and scott 9:29 Teamdarkfan4 nah 9:29 Chwiis . um ok 9:29 Teamdarkfan4 Duncan has to feel the punishment (troll) Teamdarkfan4 has left the chat. 9:30 Chwiis

  • Heather *Glares at Jose*

9:30 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *glares at Heather*

9:31 Chwiis

  • Heather Hmph *turns away*

9:31 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : *Conf* Haha! Heather and José's relationship is on the rocks! Sucks to be her!

Sexy-Staci has arrived. So quit talking smack about him! 9:32 Sexy-Staci (Hello.png|75px]] Sexy-Staci has been voted off by RiMiEg007. 9:32 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *conf* Man, I guess it's back to Chris being the host. Gosh! That guy is a total jerk!

Sexy-Staci has arrived. So quit talking smack about him! 9:32 Sexy-Staci (Wait why was I kicked?) Sexy-Staci has been voted off by RiMiEg007. 9:32 Chwiis Toast is that you? 9:32 RiMiEg007 FFS Sexy-Staci has arrived. So quit talking smack about him! Sexy-Staci has been banned by RiMiEg007 (undo). 9:32 Chwiis Who are you 9:33 RiMiEg007 We'll never know 9:33 Chwiis danf

  • dang

9:33 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Hey José! Looks like you're havin' relationship problems!

9:34 Chwiis

  • Heather *conf* Jose thinks he can outdo me, I gotta find a way to make him jealous!

9:34 Jakerz69

  • Trent : *Conf* Poor José!

9:36 IHeartHeather4Ever

  • Zoey : *walks into the kitchen*

9:37 Chwiis

  • Lightning *ransacking the fridge* Lightning wants his protein!

9:38 IHeartHeather4Ever

  • Zoey : *awkwardly* Yeah! Can you leave please! I'm expecting someone!

9:39 Chwiis

  • Lightning Hmph! Nobody tells Lightning to leave!

9:39 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Lightning we still have some Corned beef sandwiches. You could eat those. *holds up brown paper sack*

9:39 IHeartHeather4Ever

  • Zoey : Please? Me and Sco- I mean someone are going to meet up here!

9:40 Chwiis

  • Lightning Sha-fine! *wlaks out*

9:41 IHeartHeather4Ever

  • Zoey : Thank you!

9:41 Chwiis why is this going so slow? 9:42 Jakerz69 Idk 9:42 AssyrianAsylum I'm waiting for Zoey and Sco- to do something 9:42 Chwiis

  • Heather *accidentally bumps into Zeke*

9:42 Ethan Oka

  • Mal *flips light switch*

9:43 IHeartHeather4Ever

  • Zoey : *sees Mal, but doesn't recognize him* What the-?
  • Zoey : *Conf* What was that? Ugh! I can't stand being in this plane with scary things! I wonder if Scott is alone!

9:43 Ethan Oka

  • Mal *knocks over cabinet*

9:43 Chwiis

  • Heather GAH! What the hell who's that!

9:43 Ethan Oka

  • Mal *runs*

9:43 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : That was weird!

9:43 Chwiis

Stop *lights come on*
  • Heather Oh hi, Zeke

9:44 IHeartHeather4Ever

  • Zoey : Ok! I'm creeped out! *runs away*

9:44 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : Uh! Hey Heather!

9:44 Chwiis

  • Heather *conf I just had a great idea on how to make Jose jealous!

9:44 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : What's up?

9:44 Chwiis

  • Heather Not much.... you *flirtatious voice*
  • you?

9:45 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : *pushes Heather away* What are you doing? Are you having a stroke or something?

9:46 Chwiis

  • Heather Oh but you look so tense *tries to give him a massage*

9:46 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : Wait- I-... Oh, that feels good!

9:47 Chwiis

  • Heather *sighs* Remember... old times... baby

9:47 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *walks into the kitchen and sees Heather and Zeke* WHAT THE- HEATHER? *runs away*

9:47 Chwiis

  • Heather *conf* Haha! Perfect

9:47 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *Conf* How could she?

9:48 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : Heather! Look! This is wrong! I'm with Gwen!

9:49 IHeartHeather4Ever

  • Zoey : *goes up to a sleeping Scott and cuddles him*
  • Zoey : *Conf* Ok, I'm scared! Scott is so strong and fearless!

9:49 Chwiis

  • Heather Oh well... you've done your job now... *walks off*

9:49 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *on the loudspeaker* EVERYONE TO THE CARGO BAY! PRONTO!

9:49 AssyrianAsylum

  • Scott : *yawns* *looks lovingly at Zoey*

9:50 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Welcome back Flyers!

9:50 Chwiis

  • Heather *smirks* Hi Chris

9:50 Jakerz69

  • Trent : Hey! What's up man! How was your spa vacation?

9:50 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : It was great!
  • Chris : Funny enough! We are going to Spa, Belgium!

9:51 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : *sarcastic* Yeah! That's hilarious!

9:52 Chwiis

  • Lindsay OH MY GOD! I LOVE SPAS!

9:52 ThatAwsomeGuy24

  • Lindsay : Aww! Cheer up Tyson! We're going to a Spa! In Belgium!

9:52 Chwiis oh crap sorry i forgot awesome was here 9:52 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Not that kind of Spa, Lindsay!

9:52 Chwiis delete my comment in editing 9:52 ThatAwsomeGuy24

  • Lindsay : Aww man!

@Chwiis, its ok 9:53 Chwiis sorry awesome thnx

  • Heather I hope it's a hot spa, coz things just got heated *looks at Jose*

9:54 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *glares at Heather and Zeke*

9:54 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Anyway! We're going to the famous Spa-Frankerchamps race track!

9:55 Chwiis


9:55 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : What was that?
  • Chris : *goes into his room*
  • Chris : OH MY GOD! WHAT HAPPENED HERE!?!?!?!?!

9:56 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : *laughs* Now that's ironic!

9:56 Chwiis

  • Vin *sarcastically* Sorry for your loss

9:56 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *sobs*
  • Chris : Ok! *wipes his tears* New challenge!

9:57 Chwiis

  • Arnold *pats Chris* It's ok, but who could have done it?

9:57 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Gosh! Seems someone turned the heat up!

9:57 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : I bet it was *points finger at Vin* VIN!

9:58 Chwiis

  • Vin What? No!

9:59 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Sure! Whatever! New Challenge! You will all build me a new spa! Each team will build their own individual spa! Best one spa obviously wins and that spa will be installed to my room and will be free to use for the winning team!

9:59 IHeartHeather4Ever

  • Zoey : Sweet!

9:59 Chwiis

  • Mal *conf* Oh how little do they know...

10:00 AssyrianAsylum

  • Alejandro : *Conf* I could really use that spa!

10:00 Chwiis

  • Heather Seems not too bad
  • Lightning Too easy for Lightning!

10:01 DegrassiFTW27

  • Justin *conf* Build a spa? Fantastic, if anybody has knowledge when it comes to taking care of their body it's this guy

10:01 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *wipes off more tears* Since we are ironically in the town of Spa! You can all go and find parts from there!
  • Chris : Now! Go and build me that Spa!
  • Chris : *pulls a lever*

10:01 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Yes! I went to Builder Steve's Architect Camp!

10:02 RiMiEg007


10:02 Chwiis


10:03 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : Ok! Let's go look for Spa parts!

10:03 Chwiis

  • Heather Oh Zeke you are so smart!

10:03 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Yeah! *looks at Heather* What they said!

10:03 Chwiis

  • Heather *grins*
  • Heather *conf* It's working!

10:04 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *Conf* Heather wants to flirt with Zeke, eh? Well, then I'm gonna go flirt with is girlfriend! *psycho laugh*

10:05 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Alright, we're gonna need wood, a metal band, a water heater, hot towels, a tanning bed, etc.

10:06 IHeartHeather4Ever

  • Zoey : *looks dreamingly at Scott* Yeah yeah!

10:06 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Zoey! You're gonna need to focus!

10:06 Chwiis

  • Lightning Lightning can take care of the wood. I know a good stick of wood when I see one!

10:07 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *laughs*

10:07 DegrassiFTW27

  • Justin Ok guys we need to be focused

10:08 RiMiEg007

  • Brick : I'll go with Lightning! We can get that wood together, soldier!

10:09 Chwiis

  • Lightning Sha-fine!

10:10 DegrassiFTW27

  • Justin *collects some towels* Team, hello...

10:10 Chwiis

  • Heather Jose, go get us some wood and make it snappy!

10:10 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : I don't have to do what YOU say!
  • Alejandro : Fine! I'll do it!

10:11 Chwiis

  • Heather Useless!

10:11 AssyrianAsylum

  • Alejandro : *blows a kiss to Heather*
  • Alejandro : *goes and looks for wood*

10:11 Chwiis

  • Heather *glares*

10:12 DegrassiFTW27

  • Justin *starts getting spring water*

10:12 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : I'll go for wood, Duncan! You go get metal rings, Geoff and Trent, you get tiles, and Bridgette, go get a water heater!

10:12 Chwiis

  • Lightning *walks into forest* Here's some wood! *starts punching tree*
  • Lightning Help me sha-chop this down!

10:13 RiMiEg007

  • Brick : Lightning! This isn't Minecraft!

10:13 Chwiis

  • Lightning Mine-sha-what now?

10:13 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *arms bloat* Alright now we need a metal band...

10:13 RiMiEg007

  • Brick : You have to get an axe to cut the tree doen!

10:13 DegrassiFTW27

  • Justin *boils the water, placing the towels inside the bucket* Hmm, what else..

10:13 Jakerz69

  • Trent : Cool! Come on Geoff!

10:13 Chwiis

  • Lightning Lighnting don't need an axe *tries to lift tree out of the ground*

10:14 RiMiEg007

  • Brick : *facepalms*

10:14 Chwiis

  • Geoff Ok let's go dude!

I completely forgot about geoff for a sec xD 10:14 Jakerz69

  • Trent : I think I saw a tile store somewhere

10:15 AssyrianAsylum

  • Bridgette : *goes to a spa store and buys a water heater*

10:15 Chwiis

  • Geoff Gnarly let's go!

10:15 AssyrianAsylum

  • Bridgette : Back! And got the water heater!

10:15 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *points at zoey* Alright, I need you to find us some white towels alright?!

10:16 IHeartHeather4Ever

  • Zoey : *daydreams about Scott* Ok!

10:16 DegrassiFTW27

  • Justin Maybe we could do something like a mud bath

10:16 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : I wouldn't
  • Duncan : *comes back with metal rings* These good?
  • Zeke : Yeah! Good work!

10:17 DegrassiFTW27

  • Justin Fine, forget the expert...

10:17 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : I'll go get the wood!

10:18 Chwiis

  • Lightning Why wont this sha-tree move!

10:18 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : *goes into the woods and finds Lightning and Brick* Uh, why is he punching a tree?
  • Brick : Cause he thinks he can just magically punch a tree off it's roots!
  • Zeke : *facepalms*

10:19 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *stomach bloats* Okay, I guess I'll go try to make a tanning bed!

10:19 RiMiEg007

  • Brick : I know right!

10:19 Chwiis

  • Lightning COME ON! *punches tree, leaving massive dent in it*

10:19 IHeartHeather4Ever

  • Zoey : Harold, are you ok?

10:20 Chwiis

  • Lightning *Punches some more* *tree collapses*

10:20 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *Face bloats* What do you mean zoey?

10:20 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Hey Justin! Want to help start building the hot tub?

10:21 Chwiis

  • Lightning See! I sha-told ya Lightning could do it!

10:21 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : *comes back with wooden planks*
  • Zeke : I HAVE WOOD!
  • Duncan : Cool! We can start building!

10:21 Chwiis

  • Lightning Now help me pick this baby up

10:21 RiMiEg007

  • Brick : Are you crazy? That'll crush you!

10:22 Chwiis

  • Lightning Never doubt the Lightning bolt

10:22 Jakerz69

  • Trent : *comes back with Geoff* WE HAVE TILES!

10:22 DegrassiFTW27

  • Justin Sure

10:22 Ethan Oka

  • Harold hmm... a heat lamp should work...

10:22 Chwiis I think Assyrian has left... 10:22 AssyrianAsylum No im here 10:22 Chwiis oh ok well answer my PMs obi

  • boi

10:23 DegrassiFTW27

  • Justin There's no way we can make a system to heat up the water

10:23 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *Walks over to Gwen* Hey Gwen *whispers in her ear* I want to make Heather jealous. SO can I pretend to hit on you?

10:23 Chwiis

  • Geoff Maybe put Bridge in!

10:24 AssyrianAsylum

  • Gwen : Uh... no! Sorry! I just can't do that to Zeke!

10:24 Chwiis

  • Geoff She's pretty hot

10:24 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Please!

10:24 Ethan Oka

  • Mal *throws wooden planks at Geoff*

10:24 AssyrianAsylum

  • Bridgette : Aww Geoff!
  • Gwen : Fine

10:24 Chwiis

  • Geoff *dodged* What the hell, where did they come from?

10:24 DegrassiFTW27

  • Justin Maybe we can find a way to lift the tub and naturally heat the water with fire

10:25 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Thanks! *pretends to hit on Gwen* Hey there good lookin'!
  • Gwen : *giggles*

10:25 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : *looks at José and Gwen*
  • Zeke : *Conf* WHAT WAS THAT?

10:25 Chwiis

  • Heather *overhears* grrr

10:26 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Alright... *calls someone on phone* Hey Amelie! Yeah I'll hold.

10:26 Chwiis

  • Heather *conf* What does that punk think he's doing! Flirting is my job!

10:26 AssyrianAsylum

  • Gwen : *whispers* Ok! We have to stop! I don't want to upset Zeke

10:26 Chwiis

  • Heather *walks up behind Zeke*

10:26 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *whispers* Ok!

10:26 Chwiis

  • Heather *conf* Oh hell no that punk is winning this

10:26 DegrassiFTW27

  • Justin *starts building the tub*

10:27 Chwiis

  • Heather Ohhhh Zeke...

10:27 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : What Heather?

10:27 Chwiis

  • Heather *pulls his neck in and kisses him*

10:28 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : *Conf* That was nice
  • Zeke : *pushes Heather away* What are you doing?

10:28 Chwiis

  • Heather Oh nothing... better get back to the challenge *winks*
  • Heather *conf* Let's see him beat that!

10:29 DegrassiFTW27

  • Justin Why are all the uglies getting attention!>'

!?* 10:29 Chwiis

  • Lightning *arrives back at team carrying a whole tree with Brick*

10:29 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : *Conf* I'm sorry! Where I come from, cheating is wrong! I can't do this to Gwen!

10:29 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *legs bloat* Oh man... I don't feel so good... *vomits*

10:29 Chwiis

  • Lightning *plonks the tree down* Here's some sha-wood!

10:29 AssyrianAsylum

  • Bridgette : *attaches water heater to the hot tub*

10:29 Chwiis zeke did it to heather in tdi 10:30 Jakerz69

  • Trent : *lays tiles down inside the hot tub*

10:31 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : Ok! I think we are almost done!

10:31 Chwiis

  • Lightning Ok let's build this thing! Come on Harold!

10:32 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : Oh! Almost forgot! *engraves Chris's name into all of the tiles* He should like that!

10:32 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Okay... *tries to stand up*

ThatAwsomeGuy24 has left the chat. IHeartHeather4Ever has left the chat. 10:32 Chwiis tf 10:32 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : OK! TIMES UP!

10:33 Chwiis

  • Heather *gasps*

IHeartHeather4Ever has arrived. So quit talking smack about him! 10:33 Chwiis

  • Heather *conf* Oh crap! With all this flirting I forgot about the challenge!

10:34 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *Conf* Thanks Heather!

10:34 IHeartHeather4Ever

  • Zoey : I think our hot tub looks great!

10:35 Ethan Oka

  • Harold We barely have a hot tub!

10:35 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Ok! Time to judge za hot tubs!

10:35 Chwiis it's a tree 10:36 Ethan Oka XD 10:36 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Team Xtreme! You're up first!

10:36 IHeartHeather4Ever Oh, sorry! lol 10:36 Ethan Oka A tree hot tub... 10:37 Chwiis

  • Cameron We went for an... uh... environmental theme....

10:37 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : Ok! we have a hot tub with Italian tiles with your name engraved into EVERY single one of them!

10:37 Chwiis oh shit 10:37 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : I love it!

10:37 Chwiis i mixed up team pythag with xtreme for a sec 10:38 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Ok, Team Pythag! What do you got!

10:38 Chwiis delete my above comment

  • Cameron We went for an... uh... environmental theme....

10:39 Ethan Oka

  • Harold The tree itself is a hot tub...

10:39 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : It's a tree with a big hole carved in it! That is actually kinda cool!

10:39 Chwiis

  • Lightning You can thank sha-Lightning!
  • Heather *quickly assembles a pile of sticks and rocks*

10:39 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Does it work?

10:40 IHeartHeather4Ever

  • Zoey : Sorta!

10:40 Chwiis

  • Cameron Well... um

10:40 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Of course!

10:40 IHeartHeather4Ever

  • Zoey : We don't have a water heater!

10:40 Chwiis

  • Cameron Or water...
  • Lightning Pfft! Who needs water in a spa!

10:41 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Eh, it's better than nothing!
  • Chris : Ok! Team rehtaeH! Whatchya got!

10:42 Chwiis


Dicky told me brb annd he's back

  • Heather Ummm... *shows him her pile of stick n shit*

10:43 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Ok! Team rehtaeH! Whatchya got!

10:43 Chwiis

  • Heather Ummm... *shows him her pile of stick n shit*
  • sticks

10:44 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : This is horrible!

10:44 Chwiis

  • Heather Yeah, well... shut up!

10:44 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Team rehtaeH loses!

10:44 Chwiis

  • Heather Argh! *glares at Lindsay and Noah* and what were you two doing while I was gone!?

10:45 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Since Team Xtreme pretty much are the only ones with a finished tub! They win...once again!

10:45 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : I was... letting you do all the work bacause you were supposed to know what you were doing!

10:46 Chwiis

  • Heather :/

10:46 Ethan Oka

  • Harold GOSH!

10:48 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Team Xtreme! You get to use the hot tub whenever you want during non-challenge hours! And Team rehtaeH! You are lucky that this... was a reward challenge! No one goes home! For now!

10:48 Chwiis apparently dick is lagging like fuck 10:49 DegrassiFTW27 dick better start coming 10:49 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : All right!

10:49 Chwiis just hurry up chris 10:50 RiMiEg007 Assyrian tells me he wants to do something with Al and Heather 10:50 Chwiis oh wow my chat stopped working i missed u chunk we'll do it next ep 10:51 RiMiEg007 Ok nvm 10:52 Chwiis come on now 10:52 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Well, this has been an cheat-y episode!

10:52 Chwiis cheat-y xD 10:53 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Find out what happens next, on TOTAL...
  • Chris : DRAMA!
  • Chris : WORLD TOUR!

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