This page contains all of the original characters. Post pictures of your original character's and they will be put into the drawing for the new characters for Seasons 8, 9, 10, and 11 of this Roleplay! If a character has a "✓" in front of their name, that means that they are a confirmed character for either Total Drama: Cruise Tour, Total Drama: Boney Island, Total Drama: Jungle, Total Drama: Revenge of Pahkitew Island, and/or Total Drama: Disaster Island! If a character has an X in front of their name, it means that they have been denied! ALSO, I have been getting numerous complaints about some of the OC's being "stolen". You may add any OC you like, but if you are going to borrow one from someone else, then please ask permission first! If they say yes, feel free to add the character, if they say no, then please do not add them. Thank You!

NOTE*: ONLY the wiki's founder may confirm or deny the characters! Do not add any ✓'s or remove X's without permission! If one chooses to do so, they will receive a 1 day ban!

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