This is the Transcript for Episode Nineteen of this Roleplay's Total Drama Action. Find the main article for it here!

  • Chris : Last time on Total Drama Action!
  • Chris : We had an epic Kung Fu torment! *laughs*
  • Chris : and Cody got messed UP!
  • Chris : In the end Gwen won after Duncan threw the challenge!
  • Chris : and Cody quit due to everyone hurting him! What a loser!
  • Chris : But today we have an awesome episode planned out for our final 7!
  • Chris : And this time, there might even be murder! So be sure to watch the next episode, right now, on TOTAL!
  • Chris : DRAMA!
  • Chris : ACTION!

5:09 Chwiis

  • Heather *conf* All of the All Stars are falling! The two of last season's finalists are gone, who should be next? Hmmm...

5:11 RiMiEg007

  • José : *Conf* I feel that Heather is losing interest in me! First she says I'm too soft, and now I'm too harsh! That hermoso needs to make up her mind!

5:11 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : *Conf* Final 7! Wow, never thought I
  • Noah : Final 7! Wow, never thought I'd make it this far again!
  • Conf*

5:12 Chwiis

  • Geoff Final 7! Woo! Hi to all my peeps at home!

5:13 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *Conf* In the final 7 again huh? But this time I'm in it to win it! No way José or Heather is getting in my way!

5:14 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : *Conf* I miss Zeke! I wish he was here instead of José and Heather!

5:15 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Hello Cast!

5:15 Chwiis

  • Chris Yo man!
  • Geoff

lol soz 5:16 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Ugh! Dude can we have one day off! I really want to read my new book, The Count of Monte Cristo!

5:17 Chwiis

  • Geoff Why are you always such a downer, dude!

brb 5:20 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : I'm sorry Geoff, it's just that I don't have the excitement that you have!

5:20 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Sorry Noah, but today you should brush up on your Sherlock Holms! Because today is Mystery movie day!
  • Sherlock Holmes

5:21 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : *sarcastic* Oh Yay! I've always wanted to solve a murder!
  • Noah : Can I just read my book please?

5:23 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : Ah Come on Noah! This might actually be fun!

5:24 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Fine! I'll play! But only because I have nothing better to do, besides reading!

5:25 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *Conf* Noah might be a useful ally in getting rid of José! He's smart, and José will never see it coming! Plus I really want to stick it to Heather!

5:28 AssyrianAsylum

  • Mal : Uh Chris! Can we get on with the challenge now!

5:29 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Ok! If you will all get into this plane! We're going on a field trip!

5:29 Chwiis

  • Heather Oh no not here again!

5:29 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Aww man! If I knew we were coming back here I wouldn't have gotten on that plane!

5:30 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : So Chris! What does Camp Crapanakwa have to do with a mystery movie?

5:31 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Well, the mystery will take place in my haunted Cottage!

5:32 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Sorry I asked!

5:32 Chwiis

  • Heather You mean your old mansion!

5:32 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : That'd be the one!
  • José : You must be either really cheap, or in love with that stupid mansion!
  • Chris : It's a little bit of both actually!
  • Chris : Now, you will go inside the mansion and you will be locked in until someone solves the murd- I mean mystery!
  • Duncan : Sounds boring!

5:35 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Very boring!

5:36 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : If it makes you feel better, me and Vin will go inside with you!

5:36 Chwiis

  • Vin It doesnt make me feel any better!

5:36 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Eh! I could watch you torture that intern! I'm in!

5:37 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Ok! Let's go!
  • Chris : Ok Cast!

5:38 Chwiis

  • Heather Argh there's like no lighting in here!

5:39 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : Than stay close to you boyfriend Heather!

5:40 Chwiis

  • Heather Same to you, oh wait...

5:40 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : Don't you say it!

5:41 Chwiis

  • Heather Oh, Im sorry Gwenny

5:41 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : *tackles Heather and punches her in the face repeatedly*

5:42 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Awesome! Girl Fight!

5:42 Chwiis

  • Heather Ah! Calm down!

5:42 RiMiEg007

  • José : *pulls Gwen off Heather* Everyone calm down!

Teamdarkfan4 has arrived. 5:43 Chwiis

  • Heather *whispers to Jose* She's going home!

5:43 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Dude! You just ruined the cat fight!
  • José : We need to be serious!
  • Chris : What? Hey! You can't kill the host!
  • José : What just happened?

5:46 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : I don't know!

5:47 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Probably just a faulty breaker!

5:47 Chwiis

  • Heather *looks at body lying on the floor* Is that... Chris??

5:48 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *looks at the body* Whoa! I think it is!

5:48 Chwiis

  • Heather *turns over the body* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

5:48 RiMiEg007

  • José : *runs into the room* What was that? It sounded like a dying cat!

5:50 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Uh Heather? Did you finally kill Chris?

5:57 Chwiis

  • Heather Hang on, didnt he say that this was a horror or mystery challenge... or something like that?

2:43 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Yeah, I guess! *pokes the body* But that feels real!

2:44 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *kicks the body* Yeah, that feels real guys! I think someone killed Chris!

2:44 Chwiis

  • Heather Oh please this is obviously staged! He locks us in the house and he coincidentally turns up dead!

2:44 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : *runs into the room* What is going on in here?

2:45 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Chris got murdered!

2:45 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : Whoa! Did Heather do it?

2:45 Chwiis

  • Heather Ahem! What? This is a fake you guys!

2:46 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : $5 says either Heather of Vin did it!
  • or

2:46 Chwiis

  • Vin Why would I do it? He owes me money man!

2:46 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Is this really the time to be making bets?

2:47 Chwiis

  • Geoff *walks into room* Wassup...... Gahhh!
  • Heather Thats it! Im gonna try and find a way out of here!

2:48 RiMiEg007

  • José : The doors are locked from the outside!

2:48 Chwiis

  • Heather We'll see about that!
  • Heather *Tries to knock door down*

2:49 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *throws a rock out a window, but sets off the emergency shutters, blocking off every exit*
  • Duncan : Well Crap!

Teamdarkfan4 has left the chat. 2:50 Chwiis

  • Heather Great! Now look what you did Dud-kin!

2:50 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : What? It seemed like a good idea at the time!

2:50 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : That was just dumb!

2:51 Chwiis

  • Geoff *finds scalpel next to body* Dudes! Look at this!

Teamdarkfan4 has arrived. 2:52 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Wait, this is a mystery challenge! So my guess is that this is a fake dead body that lloks like Chris. So that means that the challenge is set up as whoever finds out who "committed the crime" wins!

2:52 Chwiis

  • Heather Finally! Someone agrees!

2:53 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Whoa Whoa Whoa! I'm not agreeing, I'm theorizing!

2:54 Chwiis

  • Vin Yer... this is so.. totally... fake

2:54 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Geoff, let me see that scalpel!

2:54 Chwiis

  • Geoff *hands Noah the scalpel*
  • Mal A scalpel! What a terrible choice of murder weapon!

2:55 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : *takes a piece of tape and talcum powder and lifts a finger print off the scalpel*

2:56 Chwiis

  • Vin *bumps into Noah and steps on the fingerprint*
  • Vin Whoops!

2:56 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Way to go!

2:57 Chwiis

  • Vin *Takes scalpel*
  • Vin Hey Noah, come over here I need to show you something

2:57 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *takes back scalpel* Hey! What do you think your doing*

2:58 Chwiis

  • Vin I just need to show Noah something on the scalpel

2:58 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : José! Keep an eye on Vin here ok!
  • Duncan : *gives scalpel back to Noah*

2:58 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : *takes another piece of tape and talcum powder and lifts a finger print off the scalpel*

2:59 Chwiis

  • Vin Noah follow me!

2:59 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Fine! *gives fingerprint to Duncan* Take everyone's fingerprints down!

Teamdarkfan4 has left the chat. 3:00 Chwiis

  • Vin *Takes Noah somewhere private*

3:00 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *gets some ink and a piece of paper* Ok everyone! Let's take down all our fingerprints!

3:01 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Ok Vin, what is so important you had to-

3:01 Chwiis

  • Vin *snatches scalpel and holds at Noah's neck, covers mouth*

3:01 RiMiEg007

  • José : *bursts in* Vin! Drop the scalpel!

3:02 Chwiis

  • Vin Dont come any closer *holds Noah tightly*

3:02 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : *muffled screams*

3:03 RiMiEg007

  • José : Vin, just put down the knife and no one gets hurt!

3:04 Chwiis

  • Vin ok! *drops knife* *takes out fake gun*75px*

3:04 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *sneaks up behind Vin and tackles him*

3:04 Chwiis

  • Vin Gaah! *accidentally gets stabbed with scalpel*

3:04 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : *breaks free* I figured out the mystery!

Teamdarkfan4 has arrived. 3:05 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Uh! Noah! We might have to wait on that! Vin just stbbed himself!

3:05 Chwiis

  • Vin Help

3:05 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : *runs in the room* What just happened in here?

3:06 Chwiis

  • Vin *Passes out*

3:07 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Wait a minute! *takes the scalpel* This is fake too! The only thing this can kill is BUTTER! *takes a squib out of Vin's shirt* And he didn't get stabbed!

3:07 Chwiis (what is a squib.png|75px]] 3:08 RiMiEg007 Its a fake blood packet 3:08 Chwiis oh

  • Vin *sighs* You got me!

Teamdarkfan4 has left the chat. 3:09 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : So in this fake murder, Vin's the one whodunit!

Teamdarkfan4 has arrived. 3:10 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Congratulations Noah!
  • Chris : You figured out who killed me!

3:11 Chwiis

  • Vin *sarcastically* Great!

3:11 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Also, the "body" you found, is a rubber dummy! Are you guys really that dumb you can't tell a rubber dummy from a real person!?

Teamdarkfan4 has left the chat. 3:11 Chwiis

  • Heather I knew it!

3:11 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : To be honest, we didn't really think you were killed!

3:12 Chwiis

  • Geoff You kinda did Gwen!

3:12 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Anyway! Noah figured out the challenge, so he wins!

3:13 Chwiis

  • Vin Godammit!

3:13 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : But, I was going to give Vin a day off, but that was only going to happen if you didn't solve the case so... Tough luck!

3:14 Chwiis

  • Vin Great! Thanks a lot Noah!

3:15 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Your welcome Vin! Enjoy the toenail clipping!

3:16 Chwiis

  • Vin Ugh! Kill me now

3:16 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Well, I was going to eliminate someone, but the episode has gone on too long now so... I'm making it a reward challenge so no one goes home!

3:16 Chwiis

  • Geoff Sweet!

3:17 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : I'll settle for that! Hey Vin, can you clip my toenails too?

3:17 Chwiis

  • Vin Get bent!

3:17 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : I think he should clip EVERYONE'S toenails!
  • Chris : You can call it my gift to you guys!
  • Duncan : Sweet!

3:18 Chwiis

  • Vin Argh!

3:19 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Did I say everyone? I meant Noah only! Sike!

3:19 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : *laughs* Sweet!

3:19 Chwiis

  • Heather Ah man!

3:20 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : Good! I didn't want some creep to touch my feet anyway!

3:20 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Ok Cast, let's head back to the Film Studio and get some rest!
  • Chris : And Noah, remember your toenail appointment with Vin!

3:21 AssyrianAsylum

  • Noah : Oh I won't forget!

3:21 Chwiis

  • Vin *glares*

3:21 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Ok Cast, get some rest! Your gonna need it! *laughs*
  • Chris : Well, that was an eventful day!
  • Chris : I guess getting killed really takes it out of me!
  • Chris : Well anyway! Join us next time, where someone will get eliminated! On TOTAL!
  • Chris : DRAMA!
  • Chris : ACTION!

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