The Big 100th
Season 5, Episode 2
Date Aired March 21, 2016
Time 8:15 pm
Challenge(s) Rescue Chris
Cameo(s) Courtney
Winner(s) Sinister Serpents
Exile Duncan
2nd Low Vin
Eliminated Dawn
Episode guide
"The Good, The Bad, and The All-Stars"

This is the second episode of Total Drama: All-Stars, the fifth season of Total Drama Roleplay, which is hosted by Chris McLean and played by several other users.


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In this episode, Chris celebrates the 100th episode of the series with the contestants, and throws a huge party. However, Chris is kidnapped by Courtney, leading the contestants on a search and recover challenge. In the end, Duncan retrieves Chris and brings him back to safely, giving the Sinister Serpents the win. Therefore, due to the Do-Gooding Dolphins losing twice, Dawn is eliminated after Scott rigs the votes.



  • Hosts: ChrisChef
  • Interns: ArnoldKevin the InternMike
  • Special Guests: Courtney

Do-Gooding DolphinsEdit

  • Team Captain: Tyler

Brick Dawn Ezekiel Geoff Izzy Lindsay Trent Vin Zoey

Sinister SerpentsEdit

  • Team Captain: Noah

Alejandro Cody Duncan Gwen Heather Jo José Lightning Scott


Portrayer Role(s)
RiMiEg007 Chris McLean

Episode ScriptEdit

Main article: The Big 100th: Transcript





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