The Nirvana Factor
Season 4, Episode 7
Date Aired December 19, 2014
Time 11:30pm
Challenge(s) Cut and take a log down to camp.
Winner(s) Venomous Vipers
2nd Low Vin and Cameron
Eliminated N/A
Episode guide
"Jeepers, It's a Creeper"
"The Count of Monte Chris-to"

This is the 7th episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, the fourth season of Total Drama Roleplay, which is hosted by Chris McLean and played by several other users.


Noxious CatsEdit

Brick Cameron Dawn Jo Lightning Scott Vin

Venomous VipersEdit

Mike Sam Zoey


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In this episode, the teams have to run up to the top of the 1,000 foot high cliff, where they then have to cut down a tree, then bring it down to the bottom of the cliff and plant the tree in front of their team's cabin.


Portrayer Role(s)
RiMiEg007 Chris McLean

Episode ScriptEdit

Main article: The Nirvana Factor: Transcript


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