The Policeman
Gender Male
Hair color Ginger
Eye color Black
Friends Nobody
Enemies Chris McLean, Everyone on Team rehtaeH, Everyone on Team Pythagoras, The Jail Breakers, Eva, Staci
Portrayed by Chwiis

The Policeman is a major recurring character in Total Drama World Tour, and makes a cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

Total Drama World TourEdit

The Policeman first appeared on Yippee Ki-Yay Mother Russia, when Alejandro broke a window on a train. The Policeman arrested all of Team rehtaeH, and had Chris bail them out for ₽1 Million.

The Policeman returns in Taco Tango, but he is disguised as a Mexican Local. After Mal sabotages Team rehtaeH, The Policeman arrests them once again and takes them to a prison in Brazil.

He will appear in The Fast and the Rious.

Total Drama: Revenge of the IslandEdit

The Policeman makes a cameo appearance in TDROTI Aftermath I, where he arrests Staci when it is revealed she stole various items to make people like her and kidnapped Dawn at gunpoint.


  • A recurring gag throughout the season is The Policeman calling people "Damn Dirty Rapscallions".
  • He is a master of disguise, as he was able to disguise himself as a middle-aged Mexican local in Taco Tango.

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