The Wreak-oning Finale
Season 1, Episode 20
Date Aired January 19, 2014
Time 8:00pm
Challenge(s) An obstacle course involving challenges from the past season.
Cameo(s) Duncan, Mike/Mal, Gwen, Alejandro, Noah, Zoey, Lindsay, Sierra, and Izzy
Winner(s) Ezekiel
Reward $1,000,000 Grand Prize plus a free Lamborghini Veneno
Eliminated Cody
Episode guide
"I'll Be Back... In the Wawanakwa Groove"
"Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island

This is the final episode of Total Drama Island, the first season of Total Drama Roleplay, which is hosted by Chris McLean and played by several other users.

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Here are the two finalists in this season, one of them will win $1,000,000 and the other $100,000.

  • The finalists are:Codyvs.Ezekiel
  • Ezekiel's helpers: DuncanMalGwenAlejandro&Noah
  • Cody's helpers: Zoey&Lindsay


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Portrayer Role(s)
RiMiEg007 Chris McLean/Ezekiel/Duncan
Ethan Oka Izzy/Mike
Jakerz69 Cody
Teamdarkfan4 Zoey
AssyrianAsylum Alejandro/Noah/Gwen/Sierra/Lindsay

Episode ScriptEdit

Main Article: The Wreak-oning Finale: Transcript

See AlsoEdit

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