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Total Drama: The Roleplay
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This is the eleventh season of Total Drama: The Roleplay by the Total Drama Wiki users. Anyone can join and roleplay as any of the 16 contestants in the series.



Castle TDC

The Castle as it appears in Total Drama: Castle

This is a elimination based competition where 10 contestants compete in a old abandoned castle in the middle of the forest located in Transylvania, Romania where each one of them will get eliminated until three final campers remains on the island. Those three winners will then compete against each other in the finals to see who will win the grand prize!


Main article: Hall of Winners

There will be three winners in this season:

  • First place winner will win a $10,000,000 grand prize plus a free <insert prize here> and $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards
  • Second place runner-up will win $1,000,000 plus $1,000 worth of iTunes gift cards and a free <insert prize here>
  • Third place will win $10,000


  1. TBA
  2. TBA
  3. TBA


Team Name
Medieval Knights
Renaissance Nobles


5 Contestants on each team.

Medieval KnightsEdit


Renaissance NoblesEdit


Episode ListEdit

These are the roleplay episodes that will be played. All chats will be recorded for archival purposes and converted into a script.

Episode Title Date Time (EST)
1 "Storm the Castle" TBA TBA
2 "Die Kreatur Muss Sterben" TBA TBA
3 "Kraken Sushi" TBA TBA
A1 "TDC Aftermath I" TBA TBA
4 "No Groceries in the Woods" TBA TBA
5 "The Fat and the Furious" TBA TBA
6 "Chris Crestfallen Crusades" TBA TBA
A2 "TDC Aftermath II" TBA TBA
7 "By The Sword in My Hand" TBA TBA
8 "By The Light of The Northern Star" TBA TBA
9 "Ace of Spades" TBA TBA
A3 "TDC Aftermath III" TBA TBA
10 "Victory or Die" TBA TBA
11 "The Battle of Týr" TBA TBA
12 "The King of Queens" TBA TBA
A4 "TDC Aftermath IV" TBA TBA
13 "The DramBridge Finale" TBA TBA

*NOTE* It is you responsibility to make it to the episodes. Failure to show up during the episodes will lead to a risk of elimination. The host will run the episodes at the scheduled time regardless of who shows up, so make sure you be there!


Episode Challenge(s) Winner(s)
1 Storm the Castle. TBA
Reach the top of the castle and tag Chris. TBA

Elimination TableEdit

Main article: Total Drama Eliminations#Season 11
Episode Character Losing Team Rank 2nd Low


  • This is the first season where an island used for the entire season is located outside of Canada, as the Castle is located in Transylvania, Romania.

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