Total Drama: Zombie Apocalypse is a fanfiction made by RiMiEg007. It is based off of many different zombie movies, TV shows, and games.


  • Chris ~ Chris, the former Total Drama host, quit after a freak accident which left him to depend on walking with a cane. He took a desk job at a police station, and remains there until the outbreak. His personality is loosely based on Rick Grimes from AMC's The Walking Dead.
  • Chef Hatchet ~ Chef, the former co-host of Total Drama, was forced to retire after Chris's accident. He continued to live with Chris, helping him. He took a job hosting a cooking show, and remained on it until the outbreak. His personality is loosely based on Ed from Shaun of the Dead
  • Duncan ~ Duncan, a former contestant on Total Drama, took his remaining prize money from Total Drama Action and became an actor. He became successful and made so much money. He reconciles with Courtney, and hires her as his lawyer and they get married soon after. His personality is loosely based on Merle Dixon from AMC's The Walking Dead.

Hold on to your brains, more characters coming soon

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