Season 5, Episode 6
Date Aired March 25, 2016
Time 9:00 pm
Challenge(s) Face their worst fears
Cameo(s) Owen
Winner(s) Sinister Serpents
Exile Vin and Brick
2nd Low Cody
Eliminated Scott
Episode guide
"Cutthroat Cooking"
"Saving Private Snakeball"

This is the sixth episode of Total Drama: All-Stars, the fifth season of Total Drama Roleplay, which is hosted by Chris McLean and played by several other users.


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  • Hosts: ChrisChef
  • Interns: ArnoldKevin the InternMikeDawn
  • Special Guests: Owen

Do-Gooding DolphinsEdit

  • Team Captain: Tyler

Brick Courtney Ezekiel Izzy Lindsay Trent Vin Zoey

Sinister SerpentsEdit

  • Team Captain: Noah

Alejandro Cody Duncan Gwen Heather Jo José Scott


Portrayer Role(s)
RiMiEg007 Chris McLean

Episode ScriptEdit

Main article: www.scottydon' Transcript



  • This episode states most of the contestants' worst fears.
    • Alejandro and José share a fear of clowns
    • Brick fears the dark
    • Cody fears having to diffuse a bomb under pressure
    • Courtney fears green coloured jelly
    • Ezekiel fears spiders, even going as far as calling them "demon spawn"
    • Gwen fears being buried alive
    • Heather fears sumo wrestlers
    • Izzy fears garden gnomes
    • Jo and Lindsay share a fear of disappointing their parents
    • Noah fears the Buddhist demon, Mara
    • Scott fears New York Rats
    • Trent fears mimes
    • Tyler fears chickens
    • Zoey fears ingesting cockroaches
  • Dawn, Lightning, and Geoff's worst fears weren't revealed as they were eliminated prior to this episode.
  • Duncan and Vin didn't reveal their fears, with Duncan not trusting the others with the information as they hated him enough already, and Vin refusing to say what his fear is.
    • However, Chris hints that he knows what Vin's worst fear is, but doesn't reveal it.
  • Owen states that his worst fear is flying, however, since he wasn't a contestant in this season, he didn't have to face his fear.
    • Owen however participated in the challenge, as he dressed up as a clown for Alejandro and José's challenge.



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