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10:51 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Last time on Total Drama World Tour!
  • Chris : We went to Paris, de France!
  • Chris : And the challenge was pretty fun too!
  • Chris : Somehow, Cameron was able to win for his team!
  • Chris : and Team Heather lost!
  • Chris : Thankfully, Dawn was voted out! THat annoying little *censored*

10:55 Chwiis

  • Everyone : Woohooo!

10:55 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : s'cuse my French!
  • Chris : Anyway, we have another awesome challenge for our contestants! Right here, on TOTAL!
  • Chris : DRAMA!
  • Chris : WORLD TOUR!

10:56 TDfan10

  • Izzy *conf* So uh yah...WOOHOO! I love cheese! I crave it suddenly. Would you like cheese-itz? I didn't think so. OMG am I a mutant. Nah...

10:56 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Wha-
  • Zeke : Ok then!

10:57 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : That was... interesting!

10:58 TDfan10

  • Izzy It's called a confessional! Eavesdropping much?

10:58 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : You screamed it! Everyone heard you!

10:58 Chwiis

  • Cody *conf* After the *gulp* nightmare that was last season, I'm actually enjoying this season, sailing 'round the world! Hopefully I can pick up some cute Russian babes or something.

10:58 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *conf* I don't think either Cameron or I am safe from Eva's rage! Gosh! Hopefully we can get her out as soon as possible.

10:59 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey *Conf* It was nice seeing France while we can

Marialuisa.hernandez.3760 has left the chat. 10:59 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *Conf* Man! My team sucks! Well, Heather doesn't, but the rest do! But once I put my plan into action, Team Pythag will go down! HARD!

11:00 Chwiis

  • Geoff Bridge gimme a kiss!

11:00 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney *Conf* Im glad my team won that last challenge , maybe they weren't so bad after all

11:00 Jakerz69

  • Cameron : Hey Harold! Can I talk with you in private?

11:00 TDfan10

  • Izzy *conf* I'm not a team with evil least I hope they're not.

11:00 Chwiis whos playing Bridgette? 11:01 AssyrianAsylum

  • Bridgette : *kisses Geoff* There my hot hunk!

Marialuisa.hernandez.3760 has arrived. 11:01 Chwiis ah 11:01 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : You two are disgusting!

11:01 TDfan10

  • Izzy bleh

11:01 Chwiis

  • Geoff *conf* After being in Paris, I feel hella romantic!
  • Geoff Dudes! It's called love!

11:02 Chwiis

  • Geoff Can't you feel it in the air?

11:02 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : It's also called disgusting

11:02 TDfan10

  • Izzy Not really. I wanna go the Russia and get a cool hat

11:02 Chwiis

  • Geoff *shrugs* *kisses Bridgette*

11:03 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *Conf* Ever since me and Gwen broke up, every other couple make me jealous or disgusted!

Marialuisa.hernandez.3760 has arrived. 11:04 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney So good team we're doing so far team , I guess?

11:04 TDfan10

  • Izzy Chef, can I drive the plane?

11:05 Mr.Duncan007

  • Scott : *Conf* I really love being on a great team! But I also love Zoey... I mean... she's cool! I guess... Heh heh!
  • Chef : Uh! NO!

11:05 TDfan10

  • Izzy >:|

11:06 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *accidentally overhears Scott's Confessional* Hmmmmm! What a great way to force someone into an alliance!

11:08 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *to Cameron* If it weren't for Eva, First Class would be the greatest place on Earth!

11:08 Chwiis test 11:08 TDfan10 this is so slow 11:08 Chwiis eh, it'll get better 11:09 Jakerz69

  • Cameron : Hey! I helped win too!

11:09 Chwiis

  • Heather *conf* Compared to other seasons, so far, I'm almost enjoying this season! ALMOST!

11:10 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *over the loud speaker* May I have you're attention please? Please report to the Cargo Bay for you're challenge briefing!

11:10 TDfan10

  • Izzy *conf* I feel like my season is incomplete ...I know that the winning part is way ahead but.. I'm missing something

11:11 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey *Goes to cargo bay*

11:11 TDfan10

  • Izzy goes to cargo bay*

11:11 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney *Goes*

11:11 Chwiis

  • Heather Fine! *goes*

11:11 Ethan Oka

  • Mal *evil smile*

11:11 Chwiis

  • Geoff *goes*

11:11 RiMiEg007


11:12 TDfan10

  • Izzy Why are we here?

11:12 Mr.Duncan007

  • Gwen : Ok! We're here! What do ya want?

11:12 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : I literally just told you over the intercom!

11:13 TDfan10

  • Izzy *rolls eyes*

11:13 Ethan Oka

  • Harold For a challenge briefing! Gosh! Don't you guys listen?

11:13 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : No one ever listens to Chris! If you haven't noticed, He's kinda the devil!

11:13 TDfan10

  • Izzy I heard him. I just want to know WHAT the challenge briefly is.

11:14 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : We're going to Mother Russia!

11:14 Jakerz69

  • Owen : YES!

11:14 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Yes!

11:14 Chwiis

  • Cody Yes! Russian chicks! *fist pumps*

11:15 Ethan Oka

  • Harold History at it's finest!

11:15 Jakerz69

  • Cameron : i know right!

11:15 TDfan10

  • Izzy OOH! I want a Russia hat! Cody, No offence, but I don't think you may be able to score a Russia girl.

11:15 Chwiis

  • Cody History? Pfft! I'm in it for the babes!
  • Cody Hey!!!!!!

11:16 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : All the "babes" are gonna do is laugh at you! Cause you'll have your underwear over your head!

11:16 TDfan10

  • Izzy *laughs*

11:17 Chwiis

  • Cody At least I don't have crappy metal in my face!

11:17 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Actually, piercing have to be high quality.

11:17 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *takes out a sewing needle and pierces Cody's lip*

11:18 TDfan10

  • Izzy Hmmm...he looks different

11:18 Chwiis

  • Cody Ooooh!
  • Cody *lips swells up* Way to recycle plotpoints, Duncan!

11:18 Ethan Oka

  • Laughing echoes through cargo bay*

11:18 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney Whats that laugh?

11:19 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Well, now YOU have "crappy" metal in your face too!

11:19 Chwiis

  • Cody *conf* Damn! How am I gonna score with a babe with this!!? *points at swollen lip*
  • Heather Laugh? It's probably just the crappy engine playing up again!

11:20 Ethan Oka

  • laugh echoes again*

11:20 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *laughs* Yeah, probably!

11:20 Chwiis

  • Heather Chris! You really need to fix that thing!

11:20 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey This makes me scared

11:20 TDfan10

  • Izzy Chris, where's the challenge? I'm sooooooooooooooooo bored!

11:21 Mr.Duncan007

  • Scott : Don't worry Zoey! I'm here if you need me!
  • Scott : I mean! Scared? You're such a girl!
  • Scott : Heh heh!

11:22 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *stares at Scott*

11:22 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey Um thanks?

11:22 TDfan10

  • Izzy *conf* Izzy's couple pairings: Scott obviously like Zoey. So... yeah. I see them as a couple.

11:22 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : *nudges Scott* Vey subtle there Scotty!

11:23 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Aren't we down here for the challenge?

11:23 TDfan10

  • Izzy yeah

11:23 Mr.Duncan007

  • Chef : *opens the Cargo Bay doors*

11:23 RiMiEg007


11:23 TDfan10


11:24 Ethan Oka

  • Harold You never told us the challenge!

11:24 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Seriously?

11:24 Teamdarkfan4


11:24 TDfan10


11:24 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *catches Heather* I got you!
  • Alejandro : *punches José and catches Heather* No! I got you!

11:25 TDfan10

  • Izzy Ooooooooooooohh! A love triangle!

11:25 Ethan Oka

  • Harold If I calculate this right... Grab on to Eva! Her muscle mass'll break the surface tensino of the water!

11:25 Chwiis

  • Heather Argh! Get your hands off me!

11:25 Ethan Oka

  • tension

11:25 Chwiis

  • Heather *slaps Alejandro*

11:25 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney *Lands*

11:26 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *kicks Alejando in the groin* Get off my chica! *catches Heather*

11:26 TDfan10

  • Izzy :/

11:26 Chwiis

  • Heather *lands on Alejandro's head with Jose*

11:26 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey *Lands* Ow

11:27 TDfan10

  • Izzy *lands* Can we do that again?

11:27 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *grabs onto Eva* I hope I calculated this correctly!
  • Harold *lands in water*
  • Harold *swims to shore*

11:29 Chwiis

  • Cody *lands*

11:29 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *lands on Cody*

11:30 Chwiis

  • Cody What the hell!

11:30 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : *lands on Cody* Whoops! Sorry! *laughs*

11:30 Chwiis

  • Cody Argh! My lip is swelling up even more!

11:31 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : Consider it part of my payback for last season!

11:32 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney ...

11:32 Chwiis

  • Cody Hmmph

11:32 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *jetpacks to the contestants* Nice falling there Flyers!

11:33 TDfan10

  • Izzy can we do it again?

11:33 Ethan Oka

  • Harold You have a jetpack?! Gosh! Why don't we have any?!

11:33 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey my feet still hurt from the landing

11:33 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : We'll do it in every challenge Izzy!

11:33 TDfan10

  • Izzy YAY!

11:34 Ethan Oka

  • Harold With parachutes right?

11:34 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney *Conf* Im coming for you Chris

11:34 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Maybe! Just kidding! Of course! I don't need you dying! I don't need any lawsuits!

11:35 TDfan10

  • Izzy what's the challenge?

11:35 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Well, we are now in Moscow, Russia!
  • Chris : Your challenge: Find your ways from here to Tunguska!

11:36 Chwiis

  • Heather To where?

11:36 Jakerz69

  • Noah : Tunguska? That's like thousands of miles away!

11:36 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Then you better move!

11:37 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Why could't you have landed us there?!

11:37 TDfan10

  • Izzy starts running*

11:37 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Last one to arrive to Tunguska lose for your team!
  • Chris : Because Harold, the challenge is to race to Tunguska!

11:37 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney Ok , we need some kind of map or a compass

11:37 Chwiis

  • Heather Argh! We can't lose again! Move it team! *runs*

11:37 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *starts jogging*

11:37 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Ok! Wait!

11:38 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *stops*

11:38 Chwiis

  • Heather What now!?

11:38 TDfan10

  • Izzy wat?

11:38 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney ?

11:38 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Team Pythag! Since you won last challenge! You get a Compass! Team Xtreme! You get a map... that's 50 years old! And Team Heather get zip!

11:38 TDfan10

  • Izzy YAY! *takes map*

11:39 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Seriously!?

11:39 Chwiis

  • Heather Argh!

11:39 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney Yes , this compass is exactly what we need

11:39 TDfan10

  • Izzy can we go now?

11:39 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Wait, Tunguska is 14 hours away! And that's by plane! Gosh!

11:39 AssyrianAsylum

  • Alejandro : Luckily, we have Noah on our team! I bet he can get us to Tunguska! Right Noah?

11:39 Chwiis A map is more useful than a compass, just sayin 11:40 TDfan10

  • Izzy Yeah

11:40 Jakerz69

  • Noah : Uhhh! Yeah! Sure! *sarcastically* Go team!

11:40 TDfan10


11:40 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Sure! You may go now!
  • Zeke : Come on! We got a challenge to win!

11:40 TDfan10

  • Izzy runs towards Tunguska*
  • Izzy X-TREME!

11:41 Chwiis

  • Heather *knocks compass out of Courtney's hands and steals it*

11:41 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney HEY!

11:41 TDfan10

  • Izzy picks up team and runs*

11:41 Chwiis

  • Heather Loser! *runs off*

11:41 Teamdarkfan4 I would throw a random rock but nah 11:41 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Nice one Heather!

11:41 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Let's see... Tunguska is Northeast from here. We can make it there, with quite a few... stops.

11:41 Chwiis lol TDPI Amey has arrived. 11:41 TDPI Amey gi 11:41 Chwiis

  • Heather Okay team, we need to get to a train station or something!

11:41 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Good thing I brought my magnet!

11:41 Chwiis hi 11:42 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey Good thinking Harold

11:42 TDfan10

  • Izzy gets taxi* TAXI!

Taxi driver: Yes 11:42 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *gives Harold a wedgie* NERD!

11:42 TDfan10

  • Izzy Do you have room for 9?
  • Izzy throws team into taxi* TO TUNGUSKA!

11:42 TDPI Amey can I join 11:43 TDfan10 Taxi Driver: drives off* 11:43 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney Hey juvie boy , how about you help your team

11:43 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *growls* Okay, if we use this magnet it'll throw Rehtaeh off track!

11:43 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Nice thinking Izzy! But it's a bit cramped in here!

11:43 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey Lets use it Harold

11:44 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : Yeah! And Scott's armpit really stinks! UGH!

11:44 TDfan10

  • Izzy climbs onto roof* Yeah! You coming up here Duncan? Nice view.

11:44 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *follows Team Heather*

11:45 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : *climbs up* Yeah! It's not bad!

11:45 Chwiis

  • Heather *runs towards train station with team*

11:45 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : Everyone! Get in!

11:45 TDfan10

  • Izzy *sees explosives on the sidewalk* BRB! I have an idea! *jumps off taxi, grabs it, and comes back*

11:46 Jakerz69

  • Owen : Oooo! Is there food on the train?

11:46 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *to team* Everyone! Get on that train!

11:46 AssyrianAsylum

  • Alejandro : No Owen! No food for you!

11:46 Chwiis

  • Heather Okay, so the train on platform 9 is heading to Tungsuka, let's wait for it

11:46 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney Ok

11:46 TDPI Amey

  • Dj I want my momma

11:46 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey & Courtney *gets on train*

11:47 TDfan10

  • Izzy *puts explosive under taxi* Okay. ON 3! 1! 2! 3! *TNT explodes and makes taxi fly close to Tunguska*

11:47 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *throws magnet at compass*

11:47 Mr.Duncan007

  • Scott : You always want your momma DJ! Just shut up about her!

11:47 TDfan10


11:48 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *sees car* Whoa,

11:48 TDfan10

  • Izzy lands in Tunguska* Thanks for the ride! Come on team!

11:48 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Whoa! Izzy!

11:48 TDfan10

  • Izzy picks up all inactive team members and carries them to finish line*

11:48 Chwiis

  • Heather Okay the train is coming, get ready to get on

11:49 TDPI Amey

  • Dj help me

11:49 RiMiEg007

  • Zeke : *crosses the finish line* WOOO! TEAM XTREME!

11:49 Chwiis

  • Heather *Gets on train*

11:49 TDfan10

  • Izzy See no time at all...*passes out from weariness

11:49 Jakerz69

  • Noah : *gets on*

11:50 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *gets on train*

11:50 AssyrianAsylum

  • José : *gets on*

11:50 TDPI Amey

  • Dj starts runnig

11:50 TDfan10

  • Izzy helps DJ cross finish line*

11:50 Jakerz69

  • Owen : *gets on*

Teamdarkfan4 has left the chat. 11:50 TDfan10

  • Izzy TEAM XTREME! First class here we come!

11:51 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney *Hiding behind a seat* Hopefully you can do this Harold

11:51 Chwiis

  • Heather Gimme that! *kicks Harold's groin and takes back compass*

11:52 TDPI Amey

  • Dj thanks Izzy

11:52 TDfan10

  • Izzy Np

11:52 RiMiEg007

  • Duncan : Yeah! That was cool! Impossible and lucky! But cool!

11:52 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *higher-pitched* Whatever, that compass is worthless now anyway. Ahahow.

11:52 TDfan10

  • Izzy thx.
  • Izzy conf* I feel good! I helped my team out a lot. But I'm pooped

11:53 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney Oh for the love of , now we will just have to try and get off the train first

Mr.Duncan007 has left the chat. AssyrianAsylum has left the chat. 11:55 RiMiEg007 ??? Teamdarkfan4 has arrived. 11:55 Chwiis

  • Heather Okay, we're almost at out stop!
  • our

11:56 Jakerz69

  • Owen : *tries to get out the door, but he's gets stuck* Uhh! Guys! Heh heh! A little help here!

11:56 Chwiis

  • Heather Owen! Move it!

11:56 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *quietly* Follow me.

11:56 RiMiEg007

  • José : *kicks Owen, but he doesn't budge*

11:57 Jakerz69

  • Owen : It's squeezing me in ways you can't imagine!

11:57 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *sneaks to caboose and exits train*

11:57 Chwiis

  • Heather For christ's sake! Try eating less KFC!

Teamdarkfan4 has left the chat. 11:58 Jakerz69

  • Noah : *sarcastic* You are so brilliant Owen! Now we're trapped!

Teamdarkfan4 has arrived. 11:58 Jakerz69

  • Owen : Come on guys! PUSH!

11:58 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey *Goes to engineer* Is there an emergency exit on here?

11:59 Chwiis

  • Heather This is disgusting! *pushes Owen*

11:59 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *to team* To the Caboose!

11:59 Teamdarkfan4

  • Courtney & Zoey *Follows harold to caboose*

12:00 RiMiEg007

  • José : Where's Jennette McCurdy when you need her!

12:00 Chwiis

  • Heather Argh! It wont work! You're so eliminated Owen!

12:00 Jakerz69

  • Noah : Say what?

12:00 Chwiis wtf???? 12:00 Ethan Oka

  • Harold *opens back door* Come on! *exits train*

12:00 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey & Courtney *Exits*

12:00 RiMiEg007

  • José : I mean... I never watched iCarly... Pish!

12:01 Chwiis

  • Heather I'm gonna pretend I never heard that

12:01 Teamdarkfan4 AYE CARLY 12:01 Jakerz69

  • Owen : Isn't iCarly a girls show?

12:01 RiMiEg007

  • José : No! It's a children's sitcom! There's a difference!

12:02 Chwiis

  • Heather Shut up Owen and move your fat butt!
  • Heather And Jose... you just shut up as well

12:02 Teamdarkfan4 wheres the rest of our team? 12:02 Jakerz69

  • Owen : I'm trying!

12:02 Chwiis Being quiet 12:02 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Now we just gotta find the finish line!

TDfan10 has left the chat. TDfan10 has arrived. 12:03 RiMiEg007

  • Alejandro : Everyone shut up! And seriously José! iCarly? Can't we just break the window?

TDPI Amey has left the chat. 12:03 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey Like that one over there *Points to line*

12:04 Chwiis

  • Heather Why didn't I think of that! Good idea Jos... I mean... urgh Al

12:04 Ethan Oka

  • Harold Yes! Victory here we come! *runs to finish line*

12:04 RiMiEg007

  • José : *glares at Alejandro*

12:05 Chwiis

  • Heather *conf* What! They look similar! There is no way I like him.... not even his gorgeo... I mean beady little eyes!

12:05 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey & Courtney *Runs to finish*

12:05 RiMiEg007

  • Alejandro : *looks at José with a smug look* Ok! Let's do this! *breaks the window!
  • breaks the window*

12:05 Chwiis

  • Heather *jumps out of window*

12:06 RiMiEg007

  • José : *jumps out the window*

TDfan10 has left the chat. 12:06 Chwiis

  • Policeman: Hey! You can't do that!

TDfan10 has arrived. 12:06 Chwiis

  • Policeman *arrests all of Team Heather*

12:06 Teamdarkfan4 xd 12:06 RiMiEg007

  • José : Sue me! We're trying to win a million bucks here!

12:07 Jakerz69

  • Owen : You'll never take me alive COPPER!

12:07 Chwiis

  • Policeman You're coming with me *takes them to the police station*

12:07 RiMiEg007

Stop 10 HOURS LATER Stop
  • Chris : Where is Team Heather?

12:08 TDfan10

  • Izzy comes back with a virgin pina coloada* What took so long?

12:08 Chwiis

  • Policeman *calls up Chris*

12:08 Teamdarkfan4

  • Zoey Last I saw thry were talking to a cop
  • they

12:08 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Yeah! Who is this?

12:09 Chwiis

  • Policeman A bunch of young delinquents, I have them all down at the station, they say you'll bail them out.

12:09 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Delinquents? I'm sorry! Duncan is with us already! I think you have the wrong number!

12:10 Chwiis

  • Policeman I have a Heather, a Jose, an Alejandro.....

12:10 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *laughs* They aren't delinquents! Wait... what did they do?

12:11 Ethan Oka

  • Harold They smashed a train window...

12:11 Chwiis

  • Policeman Yeah, and one caused significant damage to a train door!

12:12 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *sighs* Ok! I'll be right down! *hangs up* Ok! I have to bail out Team Heather out of jail! Arnold! Vin! Watch the contestants while I'm gone!

12:12 Chwiis

  • Policeman We had to have the door cut out- it's still attached to his behind!

12:12 TDfan10

  • Izzy Look what I bought! A Russian hat!

12:13 Chwiis

  • Vin *sarcastically* amazing

12:13 TDfan10

  • Izzy starts doing backflips*

12:13 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *goes down to the police station* So how much will this cost?

12:14 Chwiis

  • Policeman For all of them?

12:14 TDfan10

  • Izzy jumps 20ft in the air and dropkicks Vin* HAHA! Fun!

12:14 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Yes!

12:14 Chwiis

  • Vin Gahhhh!
  • Policeman 1 million dollars

12:15 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *sighs* Stupid kids! *writes out a check for ₽1 Million*

12:15 Chwiis

  • Policeman Thank you *sets them free*
  • Policeman And I hope I don't catch you again you damn dirty rapscallions!

12:16 TDfan10

  • Izzy *conf* I'm so glad we got first class! I can chill in the awesome chairs and not some bench.

12:16 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Ok! *leaves the police station* You realize this means Team Heather loses right?

12:16 Chwiis

  • Heather Hmph! Rude much!
  • Heather I gathered that yeah

12:16 RiMiEg007

  • José : Yeah, and we know who to vote out this time! *looks at Owen*

12:17 Jakerz69

  • Owen : *gulps*

12:17 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Ok Team Heather! You guys really suck!
  • Chris : You obviously know what to do! Vote out the Flyer you don't want to live with anymore!
  • Chris : And they take the Drop-o-Shame!
  • Chris : So go and Vote!

Teamdarkfan4 has left the chat. Teamdarkfan4 has arrived. 12:19 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Ok! Wow! The votes are unanimous! Looks like the unlucky loser is...
  • Chris : OWEN!

12:20 Chwiis

  • Cody So did Owen vote for himself?

12:20 Jakerz69

  • Owen : *cries* I'M SOOOOOOOOO SORRY! *jumps out the window without a parachute*

12:20 Chwiis

  • Heather At least he didn't get stuck this time!

12:21 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : Ok then! *throws a parachute out the window* He might need that*
  • Chris : Anyway! It tis time to end! But first...
  • Chris : Seriously José? iCarly?
  • José : IT'S A GOOD SHOW!
  • Chris : Yeah! If you say so!

12:22 Chwiis

  • Heather Urgh! *pushes Jose out the window*

12:22 RiMiEg007

  • José : *climbs back in* Hey! What was that for?

12:22 Chwiis

  • Heather Just... don't talk

12:22 TDfan10

  • Izzy We'll see you next time on...
  • Izzy TOTAL
  • Izzy DRAMA
  • Izzy WORLD TOUR!

12:22 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : IZZY! That's my job!

12:23 TDfan10

  • Izzy Oh
  • Izzy Well YOLO am I right?

12:23 RiMiEg007

  • Chris : *pushes Izzy down* So anyway! We'll see you next time on TOTAL!
  • Chris : DRAMA!
  • Chris : WORLD TOUR!

12:23 TDfan10

  • Izzy ouch

12:23 RiMiEg007


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